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Painting a Greener Future

Tuesday, August 17th by Junkluggers

Painting a Greener Future

Here at The Junkluggers, we do everything we can to dispose of the items we pick up responsibly, keeping as much out of the landfills as we can, and disposing of certain items like paint in a way that protects our environment. It has been recently discovered that disposing of paint responsibly is very expensive. While we continue our pledge to protect the environment, we must do so by continuing to be responsible about how we dispose of paint. We will now be charging $20.00 per gallon for paint to cover the expenses that we incur to dispose of it responsibly.

We understand that this is a high cost so we would like to recommend kitty litter as a great way to dry out left over paint. It takes about 3 days to properly dry out. It takes time, but is a lot cheaper. We will absolutely take dried out paint cans at no extra charge.

We ask for your understanding and help in our continued success at being the most environmentally responsible junk removal company in the industry.

Check back for more tips and ideas for handling special items for disposal!

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