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Junk May Be the Least Important Thing We Remove.

We take away stress, too.

Quick and Professional Junk Removal Services

While most companies try to sell you things with the promise of a better life, Junkluggers makes your life better by taking things away through our junk removal services.

And after lugging away your junk, our real work begins. We sort through it and re-purpose as much as possible through local charities. We’ll even haul un-salvageable items to the appropriate recycling facilities for you. Who knew junk removal could help save the planet?

It Feels Good to do good

We appreciate and value your willingness to give back. All of us at The Junkluggers are committed to providing you with the confidence of knowing that what was once dear to you may still be appreciated by others. With The Junkluggers on your side, you won’t even have to lift a finger!

Our History

While CEO Josh Cohen was studying in Australia during a semester abroad from the University of Connecticut, the idea for The Junkluggers came to him like a bolt of lightning. He and his friends were drinking boxed wine and singing to a friend’s guitar when one of them mentioned making $100 for lugging away a neighbor’s fridge. Josh then thought, “Hey, I can do that!”

The year was 2004, and upon his return to the U.S., 21-year-old Josh Cohen hit the streets to hand out homemade fliers all around town, starting by going door to door informing his neighbors that he was a professional, responsible college student who was able and willing to donate or recycle as many of their items as he could. Soon, the phones began to ring and Josh quickly realized there was a demand for reliable, professional, and environmentally focused junk removal services.

Our Story
Peace, Love
& Junk
(How It works)
    1. Schedule a Free, No-Obligation Estimate!

      When you are ready to get rid of your junk, book online or call our Sales Center to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives.

    1. Our Luggers Arrive.

      When you book your job or estimate appointment, we will agree on a two-hour arrival window that best fits your schedule — and arrive on time, guaranteed!

    1. Free Estimate with Our Guarantee.

      When our Luggers arrive, just let them know what you’d like them to remove. They will provide you with a no-obligation guaranteed estimate based on our simple price-by-volume formula.

    1. Safely and Quickly Lug Your Items Away.

      If you agree to The Junkluggers guaranteed price, all you need to do is sit back and relax while our team gets to work removing your items right away.

    1. Our Luggers Donate and Recycle!

      The Junkluggers sorts what we lug away — donating, upcycling, and recycling as much as possible. It’s our company mission to be completely landfill free by 2025!

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What People Say About The Junkluggers:

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    "They are first and foremost extremely professional and experts at what they do, but they are also prompt, responsive, courteous, friendly,and have a great sense of ..."
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    "Junkluggers ROCK"
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    "They worked hard and fast and they stick to their word on the price quote and work offered for that price."
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    "Very Satisfied with my first experience"
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    "Wow, Impressive Service"
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    "Their “Junkluggers” are prompt, careful and friendly. Perfect recycling company!"
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    "Excellent from start to finish!"
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  • 0 5 5.0
    "I had a great experience with The Junkluggers! The whole process was very easy from start to finish."
    77 Selleck Street Stamford CT 06902

A message from our founder:

I founded Junkluggers with one truck and two goals:

- First, to reduce the amount of stuff that gets put into landfills every year.

- Second, to eliminate the stress and hassle many customers experience from having unwanted stuff on their hands.

Nearly 15 years later, we have a growing network of franchisees across the U.S. and have helped tens of thousands of people — including those assisted by the charities we support.

It’s my passion to lead our team in becoming a leader in sustainability and to save the world one lug at time.

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Josh Cohen, CEO of Junkluggers, a junk removal company
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