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28 Household Items That Don't Disintegrate In Landfill & Alternatives

We need to break the habit of throwing everything away. We don't actively see the amount of waste we create, and we don't see our waste's impact on landfills and the surr...

Friday, November 11th

The Junkluggers: A Realtor's Best Friend

Being a realtor is a demanding job, so you don't want to have to worry about cleaning up after previous owners or renters. Read on to learn why you should partner with Th...

Monday, July 18th

The Junkluggers Guide to Moving In Together

This guide offers tips on packing, decluttering, and combining your belongings to make your move together less daunting and more efficient.

Wednesday, June 1st

Five Reasons to Call The Junkluggers Instead of Getting a Dumpster

Occasionally, people call us looking to rent a dumpster. The Junkluggers offers an alternative to dumpster rental that comes with countless benefits. Here are just a few ...

Thursday, May 5th

40 Mind-Blowing Statistics About Waste Management

People are sending junk to landfills at a faster rate than the world can handle. We've compiled a list of 40 waste management statistics that will blow your mind!

Monday, February 28th

Chapter 7: Five Reasons You Should Care Where Your Junk Goes

Your junk has a bigger socioeconomic impact than you might imagine.Donating used clothing or old furniture is one way to keep your junk from filling up landfills. And rec...

Thursday, April 25th

Chapter 5: The Sustainable Journey Of Your Junk

Not all your junk needs to go to the landfill.Spring cleaning, moving to a new home, and the occasional purge all result in one thing: junk. How did our ...

Thursday, April 25th

Chapter 6: 21 Household Items You Should Be Recycling (And Probably Aren't)

We've all heard "reduce, reuse, and recycle."Its origin traces back to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, passed by Congress in 1976. People in the US became awa...

Thursday, April 25th

Everything You Need To Know About Landfills

We're creating more and more junk, but we're running out of places to put it. We provide you with everything you need to know about landfills, including the history of la...

Tuesday, April 23rd

The Typical Junk Journey

Ever wonder what happens to your junk when you get rid of old, unwanted items? It's not pretty! Here's what the typical junk journey is really like, from production to di...

Tuesday, April 23rd

The Franchise Story with Josh Cohen

How to avoid the worst advice and to find the best mentors with Josh Cohen. Listen to this podcast now! ...

Tuesday, April 16th

Troncast Podcast with Josh Cohen

Having coffee and talking junk with Josh Cohen, Founder of The Junkluggers. Listen to this podcast! ...

Tuesday, April 9th

Traveling the green highway

Junkluggers hauling its way to a cleaner planetEach year, more than 9 billion pounds of garbage are produced in the United States. Any way you cut it, it...

Monday, March 25th

The Junkluggers Featured on The Franchise Story Podcast

Hosted by experienced multi-brand franchisees Erik VanHorn and Brian Holmes, The Franchise Story Podcast provides its listeners with success stories from franchise founde...

Monday, March 18th

The Junkluggers of Austin Announced for Austin Gives Generous Business Awar...

Awards to be presented at annual event on April 12AUSTIN, Texas, March 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce announced The Junk...

Tuesday, March 12th

February 2019

A Different Kind of DRY Spell...Hello Friend!February has gone by and spring is right around the corner, how time flies! I recall my new year’s res...

Thursday, February 28th

NoVa Charities & Shelters to Benefit from Launch of New Franchise: The Junk...

The Junkluggers® has just launched a new franchise in Prince William County and is serving residents and businesses across Northern Virginia. It's the company's newest f...

Wednesday, February 20th

The Junkluggers of Manhattan and Brooklyn was featured in The New York Times! Learn how franchise owner Zach Cohen takes customers' stuff to his 6,000-square-foot warehou...

Saturday, February 16th

How is The Junkluggers of Austin different than City Services?

Often, we are asked how our business works and how we are different from city government. There are a couple of important things that you need to think a...

Tuesday, February 12th

Woman Owned Sustainability Partner

Corporations benefit from community engagement and reducing their carbon footprint. Being green and eco-friendly benefits companies and our community. We work closely wit...

Monday, February 11th

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