What Do We Do With Your Junk?

What Do We Do With Your Junk?

When a team from Junkluggers arrives at a customer’s location to begin hauling stuff away, one of the questions we’re asked most frequently is, “What are you going to do with all this?” Our standard reply is, “We donate as much as we can and recycle the rest.” Often, the customer shakes his head and mutters, “Can’t do anything with this. It’s all rubbish.”

Oh, you’d be surprised—so surprised that we thought it would be fun to show you some of the remarkable ways “junk” and “rubbish” have been repurposed to good use.

Brooklyn to West has a terrific gallery of furniture made entirely from scrap wood—headboards, bars, coffee tables, dining room tables, restaurant tables—all of wood scavenged from the unlikeliest places. The artisan, Ariele Alasko, mentions that a number of tables were crafted specifically for the California restaurant il vecchio. The patrons don’t seem to mind that they’re eating on recycled kneelers from the basement of a Lutheran church.

Okay, but that’s wood. How about kitchen glass or dead appliances? Well, everyone needs lighting. Now aren’t you wondering why you never thought of turning an unused blender pitcher into a pendant light?

 While we’re in the kitchen, let’s talk about forks. Forks are very useful, even the ones you don’t want to eat with anymore. Everyone needs hooks to hang stuff on. And cabinet door pulls. Or note holders.

And since no one actually uses their treadmill, how about making a desk out of it? And yes, the owner-operator reports that it is not only a working treadmill, she uses it to walk and work at the same time. “It’s awesome. This morning I ran 2.25 miles and then in the afternoon I popped on the tray and worked while I walked slowly for another few miles.”

You get the idea. The junk you have no use for may have a second life you never imagined. So do it and yourself a favor: contact us today.