Meet Our Franchise Coach Steve Schick

Meet Our Franchise Coach Steve Schick

At The Junkluggers, we are invested in the growth and professional development of our franchisees. We value having a diverse team of franchisees who come from a variety of backgrounds, and realize this means some team members will need additional coaching and support: if you’re coming to us as a CPA, you’ll be a great book-keeper but might need help learning to manage a team of employees. Conversely, if you were a middle manager, you might be great with people, but need to learn how to effectively manage the inner workings of your office. That’s where our top-notch franchise coach and consultant, Steve Schick, comes in: if you’ve got a question, chances are, Steve Schick’s got the answer and is ready, willing, and able to help.

The first person entrepreneurs interested in becoming part of the Junkluggers family speak to on our team is franchise development consultant Steve Schick. If they go on to become part of The Junkluggers family as business owners, they’ll also be coached by Steve, who works closely with franchisees to ensure they have a solid foundation for success, along with a tailored business plan designed to facilitate growth and meet their individual needs.

Why Steve?

Steve is a 20-year veteran of the franchise industry and in that time has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs who are interested in franchise and business ownership. His background is extensive, and includes experience with:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Development
  • Marketing
  • Human Capital Management

He is a true veteran of the industry and an expert at helping businesses from start to finish in the franchising process.

Steve works with each of our franchisees, first by walking them through the process of understanding the Junkluggers franchise program, evaluating the viability of a franchise in their local area, and establishing effective business plans based around their strengths.

How Does Steve Work?

Always available to help

Steve is available to franchisees throughout the entire process – from evaluating whether or not a franchise is the right choice for them, opening a franchise, and optimizing a franchise for growth once they’ve opened their doors.

Steve wants all franchisees to be successful, and isn’t there to sell you a bill of goods:

“The most important thing is that we establish that we are a good fit for one another and are in a position for mutual success. We are proud of the fact that our franchise coaching system is completely transparent. We do everything that we can to make sure our process is stress-free and low-pressure for any interested parties.” – Steve Schick

There are no perfect business owners: Coaching allows us to facilitate the success of our business owners in any area where they need additional support.

“All entrepreneurs are strong in some areas of business ownership and may need some help in others. We make sure that we know where those areas are and put a plan in place for you well in advance of any kind of commitment.” – Steve Schick

Be who you are: we’re here to help you on your journey to success.

“Our goal isn’t to change who you are as a business owner. We want to learn about how we can best help you to run a successful franchise for our mutual benefit. At The Junkluggers, we are all about leveraging your skills to build a strong, sustainable business.” – Steve Schick

Throughout the process of opening a franchise, Steve is available for meetings, calls and consultations about opening your business. Your franchise coaching doesn’t end the moment that you sign on the dotted line; we work closely with franchisees to put together a business plan that facilitates success and look forward to helping you become a successful, independent business owner.