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The Junkluggers Guide to Moving In Together

This guide offers tips on packing, decluttering, and combining your belongings to make your move together less daunting and more efficient.

Wednesday, June 1st

Estate Cleanouts: How to Prepare & Persevere

Estate cleanouts are necessary for a variety of reasons, including foreclosures, downsizing, the death of a relative, or their transition to an assisted living facility. ...

Monday, June 27th

The Effects of Clutter & Our Well-Being
Five Reasons to Call The Junkluggers Instead of Getting a Dumpster

Occasionally, people call us looking to rent a dumpster. The Junkluggers offers an alternative to dumpster rental that comes with countless benefits. Here are just a few ...

Thursday, May 5th

How are you celebrating Earth Day?
40 Mind-Blowing Statistics About Waste Management

People are sending junk to landfills at a faster rate than the world can handle. We've compiled a list of 40 waste management statistics that will blow your mind!

Monday, February 28th

Incorporating Sustainability Into Your Business Plan
How to Tackle TWO New Years Resolutions at Once!
Declutter for the Holidays - A Beginner's Guide

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays approaching, it's important to create an organized and soothing space. If you're thinking about the many things you need to do,...

Monday, November 22nd

Veteran's Day 2021: Honoring All Who Served

This Veteran's Day, November 11th 2021, we would like to thank and honor all of those who served for their sacrifice, bravery, strength, and selflessness.

Wednesday, November 10th

The safety of our customers and staff is always our top priority.

Monday, October 11th

Celebrate World Cleanup Day

The Junkluggers is celebrating World Cleanup Day for an entire month - including sponsoring free e-waste collection and community cleanup events from September 1 through ...

Friday, September 3rd

The Junkluggers Green Summer Bucket List

Join The Junkluggers as we attempt to knock out everything on our eco-friendly bucket list!

Friday, August 6th

What is E-Waste? Why E-Waste Recycling Is More Important Than Ever

E-waste included discarded computers, old printers, video game systems, cell phones, and more.

Wednesday, July 7th

Can you recycle it?

Today's kids have been brought up learning it's a good idea to "reduce, reuse, and recycle." But rules and regulations can vary by state, county or city, creating plenty ...

Tuesday, June 29th

The Ultimate Guide to Downsizing

Check out The Junkluggers Ultimate Guide to Downsizing! We'll guide you through the process.

Wednesday, May 26th

Top Eco-Friendly Home Refreshes

The Junkluggers uncovers our favorite sustainable, eco-friendly home projects.

Monday, May 10th

Downsizing Your Home? Don't Make These 10 Mistakes

Originally Published on

Monday, May 10th

10 Items You Probably Forgot to Spring Clean

Don't neglect these ten spaces when planning out your spring cleaning approach!

Thursday, April 29th

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

The Junkluggers celebrates Earth Day every day. Learn more about responsible disposal and recycling to keep our planet green.

Friday, April 16th

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