Talking Trash With Haley, The Lone Star Superstar

Talking Trash With Haley, The Lone Star Superstar

This summer there’s a new disposal czar in town, and she’s got a battle plan for the war on indiscriminate dumping!

Our new hire Haley started her training with Junkluggers right on the front lines. In her words, “I was lucky enough to pass the hazing (er, I mean lugging) where I met many hardworking Luggers!” Haley’s firsthand experience with the day-to-day mission of Junkluggers will be the foundation for the next phase of her engagement with us, supporting the team by reinforcing one of our core values, “keeping it green”:

  1. to evaluate Junkluggers’ current waste stream and disposal strategies
  2. to expand and improve our donation and recycling efforts
  3. to create a customer and employee education program on recycling

The bottom line? In her own words, Haley is, “so happy to be here, to help [Junkluggers] sustainably manage the hell out of those materials!”

She will be assisting the team by researching answers to all the recycling, donating and disposal questions that come up this summer. But Haley isn’t just improving our efforts to divert materials from landfills for the next three months – she’ll catalog that information in an extensive database on disposal centers and strategies that will help us year-round.

Before we give you the impression that she’s all business and no fun, read this note, from Haley to you!:

Just to give you a little background about myself, I am originally from north Texas (woo Mavs!), but lived and worked in Austin, California, and Mexico City before moving to New York City one year ago. I just finished a masters program in environmental science and policy, where I focused on solid & hazardous waste management. What can I say? I love trash!

A little tidbit: “Don’t Mess With Texas” is actually an anti-litter campaign (get it?) started in the 80’s, not an unchecked show of bravado. Good stuff:

Thank you to everyone for making me feel like a part of the team. I look forward to many more exciting adventures with The Junkluggers!