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The Junkluggers Guide to Moving In Together

Tuesday, February 9th by Junkluggers

The Junkluggers Guide to Moving In Together

Merging two homes into one can be both a joyful time and a challenging one as well, especially if your significant other is holding onto that ugly couch from college and you’re having a hard time parting with those extra throw pillows. But you can make the transition less stressful by donating or recycling any unnecessary items beforehand. Make sure to go through everything together to help make the process a collaborative one.

Get Rid of Duplicates:

Chances are, you’ll be faced with two toasters, two couches, two sets of dishes but only room for one of each in your new home. Larger items like sofas and dressers may not fit in the new place. Make an inventory of both homes, measure everything and figure out how much square footage you have to work with in the new space. One couch may win out over the other simply because the other won’t fit! Another option is to sell what you have and use the money to purchase new furniture together.

Declutter Everything:

Whether you’re moving into a brand new home or someone else is moving into yours, you’ll need all the space you can get. Go through everything in the house together from your closet and storage areas to your bedroom to find the items you don’t use too often. Make a plan to get rid of the possessions you don’t need right away. Make three piles: “keep,” “donate,” and “not sure.” You can go back to the “not sure” pile if you end up having more space than you thought. A good rule of thumb is to get rid of anything that you haven’t used in over a year.

Design Together:

So you’ve packed up all of your knick-knacks, donated your duplicates, sold everything else and are left with some essential pieces for your new home. Now it’s time to decorate! Remember that compromise is the key to happiness. You’ll have to adapt your decorating style to make sure that everyone is happy and feels at home in the new space. The space belongs to both of you and you will both have things that you love and define you respectively. Shop together to pick out something new that you both agree on. It could be a couch or a dining room table, but it doesn’t have to be a big purchase – it could also be a poster or a bookshelf. The important thing is that you buy it together and you both love it.

Account for Clothing and Personal Items:

Consider where these will be stored since you will have less space in your newly merged house. You and your partner should both discuss where you will keep these things. You may be used to free rein with closet space but now you may need to consider boxing clothes up at the end of the season and store the items that aren’t being used so there will always be space for both of you. Respect each other’s preferences for how they maintain their items versus how you maintain yours. Merging two households is about making compromises, so help make the transition easier by respecting one another’s ideas and talking everything out if there is a conflict. Remember to be open-minded – the new house isn’t going to be like your old one, but that’s part of the fun of creating a new space for both of you to enjoy.

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