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Employee of the Month…You!

Monday, April 19th by Junkluggers

Employee of the Month…You!

Ever looking for something you can do to impress your boss? Take a step back and look around your office with some fresh eyes.

Does this sound like you? You wake up in the morning and drive, walk or train to work. You walk through the same door, walk down the same path, you say good morning to the same people, on your way to your desk. If this sounds like you, tomorrow try this; take a different route to your desk, stop on your way, look around. Do you see some piles of junk that have gathered dust indicating they’ve been sitting there a while? Do you see papers that have yellowed, boxes sagging with age, their contents unknown, taking up space in a corner or even stacked halfway up a wall? Let’s go a step further, check out the kitchen or break room or even open up the closets. What do you see? Lots of old stuff from people that no longer work there tend to find homes in these places and no one knows what to do with them, so they just stay there taking up valuable real estate.

Now what? Don’t bring this up at the next meeting to create more work for everyone. Do bring this up at the next meeting with a solution for everyone. Send a blast email out to everyone to bring their junk to you or to a central location and then go to your boss with a cost effective and green way to get rid of it all. The Junkluggers have vast experience dealing with situations just like yours! We are fast, efficient and professional. We understand the needs of an office environment and will handle things swiftly, discreetly and affordably.

Shine bright green in the eyes of your boss or bosses and just maybe the next employee of the month will be you!!!

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