This is What it’s All About

This is What it’s All About

Losing a loved one is incredibly difficult and emotional experience. Their passing often also comes with a long list of hassles you may never have imaged dealing with. Cleaning out their estate can be one of the items on that list and we are ready to help if the time comes. We’ve guided many families through this emotional time and just recently we received a wonderful review from a customer who lost a member of his family that was very dear to him. We are so proud of our New York City team who helped our customer through this trying time and we’d like to share the heartfelt review because this is what makes us truly proud to be Junkluggers. 

"Sadly, my 96 year old aunt died unexpectedly 3 weeks ago. We needed to clean out her apartment to avoid paying the next month’s rent. It was especially difficult since my mother (her younger sister) lives in the same building and had just started cancer treatments the same day – and they were very close. We were taking care of my mother and looking for a way to donate the furniture but there aren’t really any very good, reliable options left – no Goodwill, no Salvation Army, and Housingworks is a pain and takes a while. I found Junkluggers on Angie’s but was a little skeptical because I had used 1 800 JUNK and it turned out to be SO EXPENSIVE. But I filled out the online form. I was a little surprised to get an appointment immediately back in an email. I emailed back to say “whoa!” and got an immediate, very polite answer and an offer to have a phone conversation and/or a free visit to give an estimate. If anything at all is wrong with this company, its that TOO many people called me! I almost lost count! Too many checking in to make sure I was taken care of, too many confirmations. Imagine that. Two nice guys (Andy and Mike) met me at my aunt’s apartment in Queens and gave me an estimate of how much of a truck they thought the stuff would fill. I called them back later and booked a day. Everything went very professionally, very pleasantly, on time etc. 

I got a confirmation email, a confirmation call (two, actually!), and this morning, two great guys showed up on time – the same Andy and Travis. I would adopt them if I didn’t have kids. They were sweet, quick, professional, did a great job. I also have to say that this was a very difficult thing for me. I loved my aunt very much and at one point, while I was on a call, I happened to turn around while they were taking out her wheelchair. I burst into tears. Later when they came up, Travis asked me if I was alright. These guys are compassionate human beings and that counts for a lot in my book.

The price was very fair, they did a terrific job using every little bit of that truck and really fit much more into it than I ever thought they would. They worked quickly and never seemed to take a break. I highly recommend this company and especially Travis and Andy. Thank you – you guys rock."

Our deepest condolences to this customer and his family. We are so glad to have helped in the small way we did.