The Junkluggers Franchise Owner Francis Hill Expands Territory With Queens County

The Junkluggers is proud to announce that we are expanding! Our first operating franchise partner, Francis Hill, who currently provides our eco-friendly junk removal services with The Junkluggers of Nassau County is extending his service area to include all of Queens County, NY. We are very excited to support Francis in his next step with The Junkluggers as he provides an excellent service to the people of Queens!

Read the full press release below for more information:


Francis Hill, The Junkluggers’ first operating franchise partner, has expanded his initial territory of Nassau County, Long Island, to also include the entire borough of Queens, NY. Purchasing Queens expands Hill’s current territory coverage by 2.3 million people. Hill plans to increase his staff and his fleet of trucks in order to best serve the Nassau and Queens communities.

Hill, who started his career with The Junkluggers as a lugger in 2012 after looking for work that would keep him away from staring at a monitor all day, became The Junkluggers’ first operating franchise partner. He is excited about the next stage in his relationship with the company. “My expansion into Queens was always a goal of mine since our initial Nassau County launch in 2013 and with the success of Zach Cohen’s NYC & Brooklyn franchise, the value of that territory was only going in one direction…and fast!“

The Junkluggers CEO Josh Cohen was happy to expand the territory with an already established franchise partner like Francis. “We prefer this type of expansion whenever possible. It is great to grow together and also nice to expand with someone who we feel comfortable with and has already proven their capabilities. We are very excited for what Francis has in store for Queens, including the development schedule we have agreed upon.”

In 2014, The Junkluggers of Nassau County was able to make 140 donation deliveries of items to charity that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill. With the purchase of Queens, Hill hopes to double, if not triple the amount of donations in 2015.


With a passion for conservation, Francis was born and raised in Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island and he is dedicated to bringing his community an environmentally-focused junk removal service. Francis holds a degree from the Kogod School Of Business at American University and a Masters in Nonprofit Management from Long Island University’s C.W. Post campus. He has previous experience working with Merrill Lynch and various non-profit organizations. Francis is also an active board member with The Adikes Family Foundation, a charitable organization that helps fund local hospitals, conservation groups, and animal rescues throughout the tri-state area.

Towards the end of completing his Masters degree, Francis began working part-time as a Junklugger in the Spring of 2012. He also volunteered alongside other Junkluggers for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. After spending close to six months on the trucks during the heavy sales season, Francis began to appreciate the value in the business and the extraordinary people behind The Junkluggers’ success. Upon learning that Josh Cohen and The Junkluggers were looking to franchise, Francis could not have been more excited to help grow the brand by becoming the first operating franchisee with the purchase of Nassau County, New York.


In 2004 after founder Josh Cohen returned to the U.S from studying abroad, he immediately hit the streets handing out homemade flyers all around town to promote his new business idea. After the phone began to ring, Cohen quickly realized there was a demand for a reliable, professional and eco-focused removal service. Armed with only his mom’s SUV and a love for the environment, Cohen launched Junkluggers and has revolutionized the hauling and removal industry by focusing on environmentally-friendly and community-oriented furniture and junk removal practices. The New York City-based company, which services the surrounding metropolitan area and states, is now offering franchise opportunities with the aim of spreading its in-demand services throughout the country. For more information or to inquire about franchise opportunities, visit