Sight Unseen

You know the saying, “out of sight, out of mind”? When was the last time you went to your basement, your garage, or that beat up shed outside? I bet you would be surprised at what you would find there. When it’s not in your face everyday, it’s easy to forget about and not worry about that stuff. If you take a moment to picture the contents of the aforementioned spaces sitting say, in the middle of your living room, what then? What would you do with all that junk? Maybe you find something very useful for yourself. Great! More likely, these things are there for a reason, they’ve become obsolete in your life. Some of it may be very useful for someone else. Don’t be afraid of the big stuff either. Appliance removal, furniture removal, and all around junk removal is just a phone call away. Some of your things may truly be junk, other things could help save someone who needs a bed to sleep in or clothes to wear. Let us figure out how to sort, distribute, and dispose of your old junk, with our relationships at local churches, animal shelters, Salvation Army and Goodwill for instance. The Junkluggers will make sure that your “junk” when possible, is recycled and donated accordingly. Plus, you will feel so much better with less clutter, and more clean space!