Part 1 of 3: New Year's Resolutions? Want To Make Them Happen?

Sharon Lowenheim, the Organizing Goddess, attended MIT, UPENN, and Wharton in addition to having worked at major corporations like Mobil, Phillip Morris and Pfizer. Sharon organizes with Ivy League polish, Fortune 500 efficiency, and New York attitude! If you’re looking to make New Year’s resolutions a reality, Sharon has the insights to make that happen and it all begins with organization. Ultimately, organization encompasses time management and even how one might approach life.

A funny thing about getting organized is that it’s often people who need an organizer the most that think they can do it themselves. In most instances, if someone could’ve done it on their own, they would’ve. Sharon cautions that “people tend to think they’re going to do all their organizing in a single day, but having all the time in the world is not necessarily enough to get organized.” The key lies in having the necessary perspective to ask the right questions that an outsider would.

Sharon’s wealth of experience in life and in organizing helps her have a great outside perspective. Prior to serving as the current President of NAPO-NY (National Association of Professional Organizers), it was only in October of 2006 that Sharon formed her company and rented a booth at a street fair where she met her first clients and never looked back.

In reference to the name “Organizing Goddess,” Sharon is active in theater and fondly recalls some of her fellow theater members referring to her as the Goddess of Organization. Her experiences as a performer, as well as a director, help in creating a great outside perspective. “Directing is as much being an organizer as it is being creative. Directing is about leading people out of chaos and also in the right direction.” While escaping chaos isn’t easy, finding the method of organization that works for you requires a certain level of creativity in order to see not only what could be, but what works best for you.

Making real gains in organizing your life are attainable goals with a shift in your perspective. Sharon advises clients to look at things in a new way – to have a new relationship with their stuff. Modifying one’s behavior will help maintain order once it has finally been established. Part of making New Year’s Resolutions a reality is commitment to a change.


Sharon Lowenheim, MBA, MSE
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