New Kid On The Truck Is Hangin’ Tough

New Kid On The Truck Is Hangin’ Tough

“Lug Stories”: a monthly series by Teal Frost

Book clubs, team karaoke, and junk-themed Scrabble. We do things a little differently here at the Junkluggers.

In my own first months with the team I was quick to discover that, as a company, the Junkluggers emphasize three core values: keeping it green, maintaining a strong company culture, and providing our customers with the best service possible. These values only became more apparent once we began the training process for our newest Customer Loyalty Center Representative, Zak.

We searched long and hard for a CLC Rep that would meet (or exceed) both our service and our cultural expectations, and the search ended the day we found Zak.  Enthusiastic to start his time with our company, we scheduled him to begin almost immediately after the interview process had been completed.  Little did he know what he was getting himself into…

Rather than beginning his training in the Customer Loyalty Center, where he’d learn the junk jargon we use on the phone, we sent him into the field to get his hands dirty and learn what the company really is all about. Over the course of five (yes, FIVE) days, Zak traveled to all of our territories and worked with all of our territory managers to learn the ropes.

Surely, when applying for a call center position, no one would expect their training to include performing manual labor for an entire workweek, but when we asked Zak what he thought about his lugger training, he replied “Lugging was tough. Really tough, but really satisfying. After going through the process, I truly believe it is the only way to completely understand The Junkluggers’ objective to keep things ‘green’.  Spending the entire day picking up people’s ‘junk’ and taking it to charities and recycling centers, it was made very clear the difference that we, as a company, are making.”

Aside from allowing him to see first-hand the effort we make to consistently reuse and recycle as much ‘junk’ as we can, we sent Zak into the field to also get a sense of the work that is being done by our guys everyday to make this company possible (which, as you can imagine, is not an easy gig). It also proved to help him really get a good sense of what we do and how we do it, which, in turn, allows him to share more effective communication with our customers.

Keeping it green, maintaining company culture, and making sure our customers are happy. I’d say Zak’s training program is complete. Welcome to the Junklugger team!