Lugger Of The Month – Lugging Junk & Saving Puppies!

Lugger Of The Month – Lugging Junk & Saving Puppies!

This Thanksgiving, there was lots to be thankful for, whether it be the blessing of good friends, family, fortune, and health, or even a rescued puppy.

To see a picture of Hayden Moskowitz in a harrowing re-enactment of the puppy rescue, please check our facebook page.

Hayden and Dan Piro were lugging junk in Norwalk for an elderly gentleman who had an adorable Westy that happened to get loose during the lug fest.

Hayden was lugging an armoire when he saw the puppy bust loose and head for traffic.

“Drop everything, I’m gonna get this dog!” Hayden shouted as he ran into traffic. Hayden chased the pup for 30 minutes and with no sign of the dog tiring, Hayden realized he’d have to outsmart the beast.

Jingling his lugger glove like a toy, Hayden baited the curious dog over… scooping it up in his arms and giving the owner one more thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Rescuing puppies?  Hauling junk?  Hayden tells usl “It’s all in a day’s lugging… You never know what you’re gonna run into, and if you have half a conscience, you’ve got to drop the armoire and get that dog.”

… maybe we can rescue your puppy!

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