Junk on the Mind? Unleash your Creativity!

Junk on the Mind? Unleash your Creativity!

Do you consider yourself a creative person? Do you find that when you’re out for a walk, a jog, a drive or generally outside your home that you seem to be graced with an abundance of good ideas — only to return home and find that you have no energy to get started? Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi may have an answer as to why.

As former professor and former chairman of the Department of Psychology at the University of Chicago; bestselling author of Flow, The Evolving Self, and Creativity, — Csikszentmihalyi delves into the affects that one’s surroundings may have on their creative life. In his book, Creativity, He talks about while there is not much we can do to change the “macro-environment,” the city we live in, or the place where we work — we can however gain control of our immediate environment and transform it into a place that enhances personal creativity!

Csikszentmihalyi speaks of what can be learned from creative individuals who often go great lengths to make sure they are able to get in the zone and stay there. While there is great variety in how someone may create this type of space, depending on temperament and style of work, he states “the important thing, however, is to have a special space tailor-made to one’s needs, where one feels comfortable and in control.”

Bringing this back to you — an open space often reflects an open mind that is frequently more inclined to foster creative thought… a blank slate, or canvas, waiting for you to fill it and leave your mark! On the other hand, a cluttered space may reflect a cluttered mind — and even if you are naturally creative, your external surroundings may make you feel overwhelmed and thus inhibit your overall creativity, or at least the ability to put your ideas into action…

Have you ever used the phrase “I need to clean up, first” or “I need to get organized, first” as a tool for procrastination? As we like to say at Junkluggers: “When in doubt, lug it out!” and, perhaps you will find that your doubts and creative blocks evaporate as your junk disappears.

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