Happy Halloween – Scary Junk!

Happy Halloween – Scary Junk!

The Junkluggers were recently called out to do a job for a realtor who had been tasked with selling a home in the Hudson Valley that belonged to an old woman with a huge doll collection. When the realtor had first called in the job, the call center reps had been excited at the prospect of being able to donate what the realtor claimed was over 200 dolls! The realtor had quickly informed us that although the dolls were in good condition, it was unlikely that they’d be able to be donated.

We told her that if the dolls were in good condition, it was likely that we might be able to donate them, the realtor then said, “in good conscience I can not allow you to donate the dolls.” She also requested that the luggers disassemble the dolls before disposing of them. We told her we were happy to comply, but due to the number of dolls we’d have to charge a disassembling fee which she said she was happy to pay.

When the luggers finally showed up on site, they were greeted by the realtor and a priest at a cold dark house crouched at the end of the street. The realtor told the luggers that all the dolls were locked in the basement and would they mind if she waited outside while they went in and disassembled them with their crowbars.

She said the priest would show them where the dolls were…

AND, into that doll dungeon the luggers crept. It was there that they came face to face with young dolls, old dolls, tall dolls, and short dolls — all with frightening smirks plastered on their frozen faces. The luggers thought they heard whispering, and the scampering of little feet.

A shiver ran up their spines as an ugly little doll fell out of a box! “BRAAAHL” snarled the doll brandishing its teeth, prompting the luggers not to run, not hide, but to clink their crowbars and shout out “it’s disassembling time!”

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