Give the Gift of Green

Give the Gift of Green

‘Tis the season to be jolly, decking the halls and all that jazz. This is also the best time to re-gift, um er, I mean, recycle. But wait a minute, why exactly has re-gifting gotten such a bad “wrap”? Think about it, it’s the perfect way to recycle perfectly good items that you don’t use or wear, or just weren’t your taste when you received them. Remember one person’s junk is another person’s treasure. I think we should give re-gifting a new spin and think of it as another way to be green this holiday season. But please make sure that the person who gave you the gift in the first place isn’t the recipient!

Other ways to be green this season could be as simple as getting creative when wrapping presents, using things you normally wouldn’t think to, as your gift wrap. Do you get the newspaper everyday? Grab a few out of the recycle bin and use it to wrap your gifts. Wrap a gift in those hundreds of post card coupons that come in the mail or the little paper coupons in the Valu-Paks and Money Mailers (holding onto The Junkluggers coupon of course). Make savings part of the gift! It might take a little longer to wrap this year but you’ll feel better and the environment will heave a sigh of relief with you.

If you have the time and the ability, make the gifts you give. Cookie batter is a big hit in my family. Mix up the batter put it in a nice re-usable jar and attach a card with the recipe on it. We have fun exchanging new recipes every year. Have you been in a wedding and that bridesmaid dress you only wore once is still hanging in your closet. Put it to good use. Make potpourri sachets or even wrap some gifts with them. I’ve been in 15 weddings and all of those brides have gotten those dresses back in some shape or form. They probably don’t even know it!

Start some new traditions this holiday season keeping the environment in mind, re-gift and feel good about it instead of guilty and show your loved ones how much you care by spending a little extra time and thought on their gifts.

Seasons “Greenings” from The Junkluggers!