Drive A “Green” Car – 20 Easy Ways To Save Gas

Drive A “Green” Car – 20 Easy Ways To Save Gas
  1. Stop speeding – Reducing your speed to 55 mph from 70 mph could increase your fuel efficiency by 23 percent.
  2. Don’t have a lead foot – Avoiding rapid acceleration and sudden starts can improve gas mileage by more than 5 percent.
  3. Too much junk in the trunk – It’s a known fact that excess weight in your car causes the engine to work harder, wasting more gas.
  4. Carpool or use public transportation – This goes without saying to save gas.
  5. Keep your tires inflated – Checking your air pressure once a month and maintaining them at the approved air pressure can improve your gas mileage by approximately 3 percent.
  6. Alignment – A vehicle lacking the correct wheel alignment will have elevated road resistance which will waste gas.
  7. Keep your air filter clean – Replacing soiled air filters can increase your vehicle’s miles per gallon by 10 percent.
  8. Look into different motor oils – By using the right motor oil, your gas mileage can be improved by up to 3 percent.
  9. Check oil level – If your vehicle does not have enough, it can literally exhaust your engine, causing early wear and tear and a reduction of gas mileage.
  10. Shop around – Check out these sites and among others.
  11. Overdrive – If your car is supplied with overdrive gearing, try to make good use of it as soon as you reach your cruising destination.
  12. Fill up before sunrise – Gas rapidly expands when exposed to heat. A gas pump measures volume of gas pumped, not the density, which means, the gallon of gas you buy at 6 PM will have less gas in it than the gallon you buy at 5 AM. Fueling up during the coldest part of the day, which is just before daybreak, is the best decision.
  13. Multitask – Take the time to try and organize your daily driving schedule so that you can lessen your overall driving time.
  14. Be frugal – Gas stations will sometimes have special discount days. Pay attention to when and where they are and plan your fill up on those days.
  15. Be cool – despite popular belief there is no relation to air conditioner use and miles per gallon whatsoever. Read more about this on Consumer
  16. Alter your commute time – Talk to your employer about changing your hours so that you can commute outside of rush hour.
  17. Shift gears – Running your automobile at high speeds in a low gear can use about 45 percent more fuel than if you were driving in the right gear.
  18. Invest in some new spark plugs – If yours have over 30,000 miles, then it’s definitely time to change them.
  19. Avoid drive through lines at restaurants – Park your car and go inside to order your food.
  20. Take caution when buying gas saving products – A warning from The United States Federal Trade Commissionsays that most of these products are not reliable.
  21. Bonus Tip – When it’s time to purge your home or business of all that clutter and junk, avoid multiple trips to the Donation Center, Dumps and Recycling Centers – Call The Junkluggers!