De-Cluttering Your Mind

De-Cluttering Your Mind

Attics, living rooms and bathrooms are just some of the spaces filled with clutter that we’re used to dealing with on a daily basis. But in a world of stresses, worries, errands and projects, we forget that our mind can be the most cluttered and chaotic place of all. When things get really busy, it can be easy for negativity, anxiety and frustration to unfold. However, just like with all of the rooms in your house that you went through, de-cluttering your mind can be accomplished with simple actions that are guaranteed to have a positive effect. Little things can make a big difference! We’ve compiled a few tips used to de-clutter the home and applied them here to help you start the shift towards a clearer mind.

1. Breathe:

This may be the easiest task on this list, but also the most easily forgotten one! It’s so simple, yet so effective. Take a few deep breaths before you dive into any big tasks. Whether you have a big project at work coming up or family coming over for the holidays, breathing provides you with a necessary pause. Concentrating on your breathing will have a calming effect and allow you to return your focus as your mind strays.

2. Identify the Essentials:

If you want to simplify or de-clutter, the first step is identifying what is most important.  When you de-clutter, you get rid of the completely unnecessary first and focus on the essentials after. The process of going through your belongings and determining whether you really need those items can help you think about your values, needs and desires. You learn to prioritize and focus on the essentials rather than the clutter.

3. Take Notes:

After reducing unnecessary information, you need to organize what remains. Writing and recording your thoughts will provide instant relief because fewer ideas will slip away, get any negative thoughts off your mind and will improve your writing skills (in case you needed help getting started on that novel!). You will be able to track and review a lot of what is going on in your head. You’ll be exploring different areas of your life that you normally don’t think about much. This exploration might allow you to discover some things you didn’t realize were there – things that can be eliminated or pursued.

4. Do One Thing at a Time:

Sometimes the clutter can come from being overwhelmed by all of your daily responsibilities. From clearing the dishwasher to spending hours at the office to preparing dinner for the family, anyone can be overwhelmed. While multi-tasking is a good way to fill your mind, you may not be able to do all of your tasks effectively at once. Focus on completing a single task at a time. Clear everything else away until you are done with this task – doing so will help prevent anxious or overwhelming thoughts.

5. Continue Every Day:

Start by taking just 10 minutes every day to de-clutter your home. Visual clutter creates mental clutter. Simplifying is not just about stuff, but the way you live your life. De-cluttering your mind once may make you feel better for the day, but continually working on yourself will bring long term change and happiness.