A Clean Desk = A More Productive Work Life!

A Clean Desk = A More Productive Work Life!

If you could lead a more productive and focused work life would you? Of course you would! Countless studies have found a direct correlation between working in a cluttered environment and being less productive. A clean workspace removes distractions and helps you focus on the task at hand. Follow the suggestions below to de-clutter your workspace and lead more productive days at the office!

Start by doing an assessment of your desk. Here at The Junkluggers we are fortunate enough to have large workspaces, but that can be a double edged sword for us because that means we have even more space to accrue junk! Figure out what you actually use on a daily basis, whether it’s envelopes, pens, deposit slips, or stamps; if you use these items frequently then definitely keep them at arm’s length. If you have papers or forms that you use once a week or less, then utilizing a stacking folder organizer can help keep those papers close by in an organized fashion.

One of the biggest clutter distractions is paper! Luckily today many companies are going paperless, so while it used to be every invoice, statement or notice came via a paper copy now you can usually ask for a scan or an emailed version. But let’s be realistic; paper still happens! Chances are you’ll never need or look at 90% of the papers that come across your desk again, and for the ones that you will see (or have to keep for tax purposes) either file them away physically or digitally archive them into your cloud. That keeps it off your desk, but makes it readily available should you need to check your records.

If you are feeling truly ambitious in your full office clean out, then go ahead and go through your filing cabinets to see what you can shred and get out of your way! If you haven’t looked at it in over a year, chances are you can scan and digitally file the document and shred the original. In our office we have a designated ‘to-shred’ basket next to our office manager’s desk, that way everyone can get the shreddable paper off their desk as soon as they are done with it.

Make sure you’ve got a waste bin close to your work station, if you have to get up and walk to the trash can you are much more likely to let trash accumulate on your desk. The Junkluggers have given each workspace their own trash bin for non-recyclables (we’ve got one big recycling bin for paper and another for glass, plastic and metal.)

Once you’ve got the systems to keep your desk in place, be sure to set up a weekly reminder to yourself to keep your space organized. Make tweaks along the way if you notice that you prefer your files on the left rather than the right, or you figure out an easier way to keep track of paper that comes across your desk. Remember that keeping a clean desk is meant to help you not hinder you, so if something doesn’t feel right – adjust it! That’s what we’ll be doing here at The Junkluggers corporate office!