Your Home Vs. The Market! With Licensed Real Estate Broker, Allison Jaffe – PART I

Your Home Vs. The Market! With Licensed Real Estate Broker, Allison Jaffe – PART I

If you’re looking to sell your home, you may already be aware that the market you face is full of competition. Navigating the challenges of selling a home make Real Estate Brokers like Allison Jaffe an indispensable resource… and, not just for home sellers, but home buyers looking for an ideal home!

Prior to opening Key Real Estate Services, where Allison works with clients only in the form of exclusive agency, she worked as a real estate salesperson where she gained firsthand industry expertise. Prior to that, Allison served as a Not-For-Profit Arts Administrator & Fundraiser, providing her with a unique set of eyes for identifying (and matching) the needs of corporate sponsors and foundations with the needs of Not-For-Profit Organizations and vice versa. How that translates into real estate is through the perfect sale where a home buyer’s needs are well met by a prospective property.

Working in the capacity of Exclusive Agency on either the buy or sell side, which is rather uncommon in the industry, Allison is able to provide a heightened degree of accountability due to her clients heightened degree of commitment. What’s great about this arrangement is that it provides a line of defense that encourages your exclusive Buyer Agent the opportunity to deal with for-sale-by-owner properties and explore other areas that a non-exclusive agent might not. Why does one, and why not the other? In some situations, the prospective loss of commission may be enough to keep a non-exclusive agent from exploring situations that may actually be in your best interest! If you’re working with an agent, it may be beneficial to discover the benefits of upgrading your relationship with them – if you’re not, you should reach out to Allison as she truly embraces what it means to be exclusive when you want or need to sell.

In terms of prepping your home for the market, the best time to list is subjective in regards to when you want sell. However, Allison recommends Spring through the 4th of July and Labor Day through Thanksgiving as two hot seasons to sell. It’s easier for buyers to view homes during these periods because the weather is agreeable, less people are on vacation, and it’s typically easier to view a home. Spring and Autumn also have aesthetic considerations that may be favorable to your listing. Regarding aesthetic considerations that you can control anytime, minimizing the amount of junk or clutter you have in your home is a great place to start.

However, Allison relays that “in the current market, the seller needs to give as much time as humanly possible. If you want to sell but don’t have to sell, give yourself 18 months. If you have a financial imperative to sell quick, you need to look at what you can do to move things along.” So, what can you do, whether you have 18 months or 18 weeks? Allison recommends comparing your property to the inventory of like properties: “What will other buyers look at and how do you compare on the things you can change and on the things you can’t?”

Stay tuned for PART II – Tangible Tips for Making Your Home Market Ready With Real Estate Broker, Allison Jaffe


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