Who Threw Out The Spinach? Boop-Boop-De-Doop-Oop!

Who Threw Out The Spinach? Boop-Boop-De-Doop-Oop!

As you can probably imagine, going into people’s homes and removing unwanted items entails a lot of furniture, miscellaneous housewares, and general knick-knacks. Been there, done that—all in a day’s work. However, every once in a while, we come across truly bizarre items that you can’t help shake your head and laugh. We do our best to keep track of these items, taking photos or sending out company-wide e-mails telling about our find-of-the-day. These finds definitely add a little spice to our day, but the part we just can’t get over is how these things got there in the first place…

Junk Luggers Posing With Popeye and Betty Boop

How did someone manage to collect and store over 100 vintage hats in their apartment? What makes a person look at an eight-foot gong and think: “Yes! That is the perfect piece for my living room!”? Where does one acquire seven-foot high, wooden cut-outs ofPopeye and Betty Boop?

Just last week, we removed not one, not two, but five vintage cigarette machines from a basement in Westchester County. And not too long ago, we found the remains of a helicopter in the backyard of a home in a residential neighborhood inConnecticut. And this week we have a job lined up to remove eleven overgrown trees from inside a NYC apartment. Who’d’ve thought?

What we are finding, time after time, is that these items are often the burden of past tenants, and not the belongings of the customers who call it in to get it ‘lugged’ away—or at least that’s what they tell us! Regardless, they are always anxious to get it removed from their home, as these items often have not served a purpose (besides dinner party topics) for years, sometimes decades!

Maybe the time has come to re-think the life-size space-trooper in the living room. Or the six-foot tall birdcage in the garage that… well, used to have a bird— twelve years ago. Or maybe even the wardrobe-full of disco suits and platform shoes that you used to sport back in your “Funky Town” days. You’ll free up some space in your home, and if you’re lucky, your items may even make our ‘find-of-the-day’ Lugger list!