Top Tricks and Tips to a Green, Fun Move Out

Top Tricks and Tips to a Green, Fun Move Out

Moving out but want to do it Green? Or just want to reduce your junk and waste? Check out these great tricks and tips to keeping your move out experience fast and fun as well as green and environmentally friendly this summer.

When Moving Out…

1. Get Prepared

Less stuff means a lighter, cheaper, easier move. Use sticky notes or colored labels to sort your stuff:

  • Keep me! – set aside the necessaries and favorites that will make your new place feel like home.
  • Sell me! – hold a yard sale or post an ad on Craigslist.
  • Donate me !– The Junkluggers can take your lightly used stuff to local charities and give you back a tax-deductible receipt.
  • Junk me! – The Junkluggers are trained to sort recyclable material from rubbish. Just point to the junk pile and they’ll do the rest.

2. Pack Smart

  • Use old boxes instead of purchasing new ones.
  • Purchase plastic storage bins – they’re waterproof and can be reused once the move is over.
  • Rent green moving supplies – many companies offer drop-off and pick-up service of crush-proof, easy to assemble plastic crates.
  • Cut back on the Bubble Wrap! Reuse old newspapers, egg cartons and paper shopping bags.
  • Try using old towels or sheets instead of buying loads of packaging items.

3. Do that last Big Clean, Green!

If your living room is starting to look like a personal landfill, look for and consider purchasing environmentally friendly cleaning products.

  • Two Silhouette Carrying A Recycling HouseGreen Works by Clorox
  • Seventh Generation
  • Mrs. Meyers
  • Method
  • Arm & Hammer Essentials

Once You’re In…

1. Set up a “recycling center” in your kitchen or mud room. Put out separate bins to easily sort cans, plastics and glass.

2. Reduce waste and pollution by not renewing unwanted or unneeded magazine and reducing paper mail subscriptions.

  • Register with Catalog Choice (, a not-for-profit that cuts down on the number of catalogs you will receive.
  • Trim how many credit card offers you receive at, a fee-free service.

3. Reduce the amount of possessions you own. For every time you bring a new item into the house, recycle or donate an old one!

And of Course…

Don’t forget to prepare yourself!

1. Pack lots of light, enjoyable, healthy snacks to give you that much needed energy!

2. Especially during the summer months, don’t forget to pack tons of water for hydration.