Top Eco-Friendly Home Refreshes

Eco-friendly renovation options are not only better for the environment, but will benefit you and your family too! They tend to be more sustainable options that last longer and keep homeowners from having to renovate again in the near future. Other renovation options may bring harmful toxins into the air you breathe daily. Keep your space free of toxic chemicals and materials and choose eco-friendly options for your home renovation, refresh, or remodel. 

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What is green remodeling? 
Green remodeling is remodeling with an emphasis on being energy and resource-efficient, using long-lasting materials, and ensuring the air surrounding you is free of toxins. 

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Home Upgrades

  1. Upcycling Furniture Items

    Repurposing Furniture

    Your space needs an eco-friendly home refresh but buying new furniture is expensive. Keep in mind there are alternatives to buying new furniture that are better for your budget and the environment.

    Look at thrift stores or garage sales for your eco-friendly home revamp. Sometimes a little paint and new hardware can change the appearance of recycled furniture, countertops, and cabinets to make them something you’ll love for years to come. Recycling furniture and materials not only helps you save money, but it’s better for the environment. Instead of items going to the dump, you’re giving them a new life! 

    The Junkluggers offers furniture or junk removal, including curbside pickup for any items you no longer need. They will make sure that items are donated first, and recycled second.

  2. Low Or No VOC Paint

    A color upgrade can change everything. It can transform the way you feel about a room simply by adding more color or toning down the mood to create a more neutral space. A coat of paint can give your space the perfect refresh without breaking the bank.

    Choosing a paint that has a low VOC is not only better for the environment but safer for you and your family. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds and they are put into paints to help them dry faster or apply better. VOCs are bad for your respiratory system and should be avoided. That’s why using low or non- VOC paint saves your health and the environment from harsh chemicals. ECOS Paints has helpful information on the dangers of VOCs in your paint.

    Once your space is beaming with color, call The Junkluggers to recycle your used paint cans. They know how important it is to keep the environment healthy and happy. 

  3. Reclaimed Wood

    Reclaimed Wood

    Painting isn't the only way to make a statement in your new space. Decorative stickers, recycled wallpaper, backsplashes, and accent walls are creative ways to give your home that extra something. 

    A simple way to incorporate recycled materials into your eco-friendly home remodel is to use reclaimed wood. Keeping the idea of green remodeling as a top priority, add an accent wall or shelves using reclaimed wood or other second-chance materials. Save money and help the environment at the same time.

    After you’ve completed your green remodel, The Junkluggers will come to your home and haul any scraps away. They haul away wood scraps, old drywall, and plenty of other materials. Let them worry about the cleanup and junk removal! 

  4. Energy Efficient Appliances

    Efficient Appliances

    A little change goes a long way, and swapping out your appliances is an easy way to update the mood -and decade!- of your whole room. Give off the appearance of a makeover without having to actually do any messy renovations. Whether you’re just changing the color of the appliances or upgrading them all together, your kitchen or laundry room will look brand new with your new appliances. 

    The hard part is deciding which appliances will work best for your eco-friendly home remodel. Choose appliances that are energy efficient to sustainably help conserve energy and in return,  lower your electric bill. It’s a win-win for the environment and your budget! 

    Your old appliances need a place to go that isn’t a local landfill. Don’t stress about what to do with them- The Junkluggers will come to your home and haul your old appliances away! They offer free estimates for all junk removal, including old appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and more!

  5. Eco-Friendly Building Materials

    If you’ve decided to build a new home or add to your current home, there are many ways you can commit to being eco-friendly and sustainable during the process. The materials you choose not only affect the environment but your health as well. 

    Elemental Green has lots of ideas on healthier options for building materials you may use during your green renovation. New techniques to be more green are developing every day- things like using sheep wool or mushrooms for insulation are a more sustainable option for your green renovation! These sustainable options replace other materials that pollute the environment, providing you an alternative you can feel good about. 

Which Building Materials Are Eco-Friendly? 

  • Bamboo
  • Rammed earth
  • Straw bale
  • Sheep wool insulation
  • Mushroom insulation
  • Mushroom particle board replacement
  • Solar tiles & shingles
  • Mass timber
  • List adapted from Elemental Green

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Looking for More Ways to Help? Consider Buying Second Hand

What is thrifting? 
It’s the method of shopping at second-hand shops, flea markets, antique shops, garage sales, or even charity shops and locations. 
Thrifted Countertop

Buying second-hand materials for a green renovation is the perfect way to reduce and recycle, but where can you find these materials? Elemental Green compiled a list of places that may have recycled, reclaimed, or salvaged materials.

 Places To Check for Materials:

Someone's donations or trash just might be the perfect piece you’ve been looking for. Check with your friends and family, they may have pieces of furniture they no longer need. 

Second-hand shops like thrift stores and salvation shops are full of gems that may just need a little cleaning, some paint, or new hardware. Your eco-friendly home remodel comes to life without breaking the bank, using just a little elbow grease!

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