Top 9 Tips To Reuse & Recycle This Holiday Season

Top 9 Tips To Reuse & Recycle This Holiday Season - Image 1

At The Junkluggers, we consider ourselves one big family, which includes our employees, franchisees, and of course, our loyal customers. It is in our nature to always lend a helping hand both in and out of the office and there is nothing we love more than the season of giving. As an eco-friendly junk removal company, we also see the importance of “giving” in an environmentally friendly way.  


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Do you find yourself throwing out more waste during the holiday season? The amount of extra waste that is created and thrown out from Thanksgiving to New Years is astronomical. 


Rather than buying new gifts this year, think of ways of how you can buy secondhand to keep items out of landfills. Let’s normalize thrifting cool items for gifts and sharing holiday decorations with neighbors if you're tired of your own. This year, with the prominence of virtual shopping, we are seeing an increase in gift purchasing online before the holiday season. Not only does that mean more packaging material waste, but also increased harmful emissions as the number of delivery trucks and the time they’re on the road drastically increases. 


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As an individual, here are some ideas for you to reuse, recycle, and keep items out of landfills during the holidays! 

  1. Scrap the wrapping paper! Yes, we love the unwrapping and surprise of a gift, but that means many bows, wrapping paper, and boxes will go into landfills. Take on the chique black and white look of wrapping presents in newspaper instead! You can get 3 uses out of newspaper: read it, wrap it, and then use it for kindling for your fire! Other wrapping paper alternatives include leftover paper bags with some mistletoe clippings for decor, fabric, magazine pages, or an old calendar or map. 

  2. Buy secondhand! Many local thrift stores sell less expensive and more unique items. Buying secondhand will give items a new life and keeps them out of landfills. 

  3. Purchase from local businesses. When you shop locally you will avoid the emissions from shipping items from across the world. 

  4. For every Christmas tree you cut down, plant one! Better yet, choose a tree that can be potted and replanted rather than cutting a tree down. 

  5. Buy experiences for your friends rather than objects! Plan a camping or ski trip or even a date night jar for your special someone. 

  6. Avoid food waste! Plan how many people you are cooking for and don’t make any more than you need. Donate any extras or consider a composting organization. 

  7. Use a reusable cloth bag for your purchases. Try to use reusable bags every time you go shopping. Think about the short use of a plastic bag and the long time it sits in a landfill. It can take over 500 years for a plastic to degrade in a landfill. They do not break down completely but rather photo-degrade, becoming microplastics that will continue to pollute our earth. 

  8. Avoid electronic waste. Many batteries and lightbulbs that supply holiday decorations are used once! Recycle your e-waste rather than just throwing it in the trash and be conscious of what decorations you do choose to buy. 

  9. Donate items you no longer need to make room for the new! Many of our locations participate in local toy and coat drives this time of year. Reach out to your local Junkluggers location to see how you can help or contact other charities in your area to see what they are taking. 


As a sustainable junk removal company we do all we can to keep items out of landfills, especially during the holiday season. Whenever possible, it is our goal to donate, recycle, and upcycle the items we receive. At The Junkluggers, we also provide donation receipts for any items that can be donated on our customers’ behalf. Our local franchisees partake in toy and coat drives, Christmas tree drives, e-waste events, and much more!