The Power of Teams: No One Can do it Alone

The Power of Teams:  No One Can do it Alone

Strong Leaders Need Strong Teams

Every strong leader or company knows the importance of having a qualified, competent team in place. A good leader delegates and knows that segmenting the work-load to allow the experts to handle what they know best is the most efficient way to manage the task at hand. Accomplishing great things with a team of generalists is difficult, to say the least.

As a real estate investor or property manager, your team probably includes roles like a real estate agent to find and close deals, a banker or private lender to provide capital, and general contractor(s) you trust to make any necessary structural updates or repairs. You may even have flooring specialists, drywall specialists, carpenters, plumbers, and cleaners on your team as well.

More likely, you’ve probably had a few of each in your (figurative) rolodex and you’ve whittled that list down to the one expert you trust most in each field. But do you have a waste removal specialist on your team? You may think that anyone with a truck and some muscle can provide the service you need, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

For instance, is that man with a van insured? What happens when he slips and drops a couch down the stairs, taking out a railing in the process? Or throws his back out lifting a heavy object on his own? Now you may be held liable for that injury. When you hire a professional junk removal company that is fully insured, all of these worries disappear.

Ready When You Are

When you need a property cleaned out fast, you need a junk removal company you can trust – one that is professionally trained, comes highly recommended and is fully insured. You wouldn’t trust anyone who owns a saw to be a carpenter, so why should you trust anyone who owns a truck to be an expert at junk removal?

The point is this: when you’re working on a big deal and don’t want anything to delay or derail it, you’re going to pick the service providers that have proven themselves worthy of being on your A-team. So why then would you take any chances using a junk removal company that isn’t one of the best in their industry?

We’re In This Together

When you hire the Junkluggers you are getting a team of professionals with years of experience in the industry. Our luggers are background-checked, trained to remove your items quickly and safely, and we are fully insured. We even do a little good in the local community by donating and recycling as much of what we lug away as possible, passing the savings onto you in the form of a tax-deductible receipt, ultimately helping your bottom line.

The Junkluggers looks forward to becoming one of the most valuable partnerships you form as a property manager, and we’re proud to work alongside property owners and managers in the communities we serve. Through these close partnerships, we’ve seen firsthand just how hard you work to keep your properties safe, clean, and comfortable for your tenants. We’ll work just as hard for you to keep junk, waste, and clutter out of your way.

Before your next big maintenance project, or when a tenant moves out and leaves a unit full of furniture and broken electronics behind, give The Junkluggers a call. We’ll do the heavy lifting and dispose of everything responsibly so you can focus on what’s really important – getting your units rented.