The New Face of Freedom: 5 Ways to Tell if Junk Removal Franchising is Right For You

The New Face of Freedom: 5 Ways to Tell if Junk Removal Franchising is Right For You

The American Dream has changed. Just a generation ago, its foundation was a stable, 9-to-5 job with the same company for fifty years. Baby Boomers built their lives around their work schedules, and many perceived a clear divide between “labor” and “businesspeople.” In today’s workforce, those arbitrary lines have all but disappeared. A shifting economy and desire for personal fulfillment has radically changed how Americans view their careers; many are no longer content being shackled to companies or careers that don’t fulfill their personal or financial goals.

Franchising Attracts People From All Walks of Life

Millennials are turning to franchising in increasing numbers, and it’s not difficult to see why; franchising allows business owners to control their own schedules, financial goals, and lives. It’s entrepreneurship for a new generation and Millennials along with many of their disenchanted counterparts in the corporate world are leaving their cubicles in droves in favor of this exciting alternative.

You may be wondering if franchising is right for you, your lifestyle, or your goals. Congratulations! That’s one sign you’re a great fit for the job! We’re not looking for people who jump into big decisions without thinking or who are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme. So, how can you be sure that franchising is the right path for you? We’re glad you asked!


You love roller coasters and trying new things. Skydiving is firmly cemented on your bucket list — even though your palms get sweaty just thinking about it. You’re always up for trying new, exotic foods or hiking the toughest trails (but you know when you need to take a guide along with you). You love taking risks — but not without being prepared.

Buying a franchise isn’t much different from the goals on your bucket list: part of the reason you love roller coasters is because you know you’re secured firmly into your seat and the chances of falling are minimal. Franchising is a great fit for calculated risk takers; while you’re striking out on your own as an entrepreneur, you still have the security of seasoned and experienced team of executives and support staff. As a Junkluggers franchisee, you can make the choices that work best for your business and have the freedom of being your own boss. A Junkluggers franchise offers all these benefits, combined with a solid business model proven to get results time and time again.


You’ve always had mentors because you recognize the value of knowledge and experience. You ask your advisors questions about their proudest successes and their most miserable failures, and you’re eager to learn from their stories. Additionally, you share what you’ve learned with others. If you find a cool keyboard shortcut that makes a job even a tiny bit easier, you make sure to let your teammates know about it, too.

Success travels on a two-way street. At The Junkluggers, we share the hard-won business tips and helpful information we’ve gained through experience with our business owners, and then our franchisees pass on the ideas and information they’ve learned to their peers. This builds a powerful cycle and network of knowledge that helps bolster the brand and build the skills of each team member.


You hate sleeping until noon or wasting your days staring blankly at the television. You have a goal and you set aside some time each day to work towards it. You are addicted to results and you’re constantly thinking about the next big objective. Sure, you want to retire to the French Riviera someday, but you want to do it knowing that you’ve left behind a legacy instead of an empty desk — that you’ve built something that will outlive you.

You can tell a lot about someone’s work ethic by the business opportunities they pursue. Franchising is not a get-rich-quick or pyramid scheme. If you’re willing to work in the trenches with your team just as much as you’re willing to crunch numbers and keep the business running smoothly, you’re a perfect candidate for a franchise.


You know your coworkers’ names and how many kids they have. You offer to help with tasks when you have a free moment. You don’t wrinkle your nose at an invitation for Happy Hour drinks with your team.

Having fun with your colleagues is critical to building good working relationships. Buying a franchise essentially means you’re buying into an invaluable network of peers that all have the same goal. Building relationships with those peers is critical to the success of your business. At The Junkluggers, we play just as hard as we work. We can often be found playing games at a company cookout or breaking down the bogus officiating of last night’s football game over lunch. And when it’s time to work, we work together until we’re satisfied the job’s done to perfection.


You’ve put in your time working for someone else. You’ve spent hours of your life away from your family, away from your home, churning out document after document for an ungrateful boss and a CEO who doesn’t know you exist.

If you’re tired of the corporate grind, your gray cubicle walls and your mind-numbing commute, here’s the good news: whether you know it or not, you’ve gained tons of valuable experience and skills that translate perfectly into franchise ownership. Working with others gives you an idea of the kind of employees you want — and don’t want — working for you. Years of meeting stressful deadlines means you’re focused on doing your job well and on time. Even if you work a monotonous corporate job, that tells us you’ve built a strong self-discipline and you can be trusted to accomplish your goals.

It’s time to break free from the cube and find work you can be passionate about. With prime territories still available, now is a perfect time to take this step toward freedom. Read more about the Junkluggers franchise process, and then contact us to begin forging your new path today.