The Low Down on Bedbugs (Part II of II)

The Low Down on Bedbugs (Part II of II)

Today we continue our expose on one of Manhattan’s most wanted public enemies: The Bedbug. Janet Friedman, Founder/Owner of Bedbug Busters NY, gives us the heads up on renters, also known to the bedbugs as delivery dining. Janet informs us that “if you’re a renter going into an empty apartment, bring a dog to inspect — same thing if you’re looking to buy…”

In an empty apartment, bedbugs would be hiding in baseboards which is tough because there isn’t much one can do to safeguard against, because there are no visual cues. For renters in NYC, though, Janet tells us there is a silver lining – that the landlord is required by law to disclose if there has been bedbug activity in the past year or two. Unfortunately, if you’re on your way into a condo or co-op, there is no hard and fast guideline that guarantees bedbug disclosure – in the meanwhile, Janet recommends reading the board minutes backdated several months back to get a better sense. You can also check with neighbors. The City of New York offers the following literature on bedbugs. CLICK HERE

As for subways and movie theaters? Bedbugs don’t fly and they don’t jump. They’re also primarily nocturnal. For that reason, movie theaters are MUCH worse than subways – not only because it’s “eternal night” in a movie theater, but because you’re a sedentary target. With that in mind, almost any flick can quickly become a horror movie – just as you’re munching on popcorn, imagine what might be munching on you! Don’t worry though, movie theaters are proactive in the war on bugs and Janet informed us of an enterprising individual who created a seat defender which is a plastic covering for a movie theater seat.

In terms of bedtime, Janet informed us that keeping odd hours won’t necessarily fool the bedbugs. Bedbugs have been known to adjust their daytime/nighttime rhythms to conveniently fit your schedule to whenever you’re sleeping. They can also live up to 8 months without a blood meal.

As far as the critters themselves, a fully fed mature adult is the size of an apple seed and a newborn bedbug nymph (after the egg) is adorably translucent, almost invisible. Bedbug eggs secrete a sticky glue-like substance making them immobile if you happen to bump into them.

For more information, or advice on an emergency situation, make sure to check out Janet’s site:

Janet was previously a stage manager on Broadway for 25-years, doing lots of stage managing for corporate meetings. As the economy turned, new opportunities were unveiled. Janet got into personal organizing and discovered a talent for managing clients with bedbugs. At her brother’s encouragement, Janet burst into a thriving second career with over 130 happy clients in the past 2-years.