Super Luggers to the Rescue!

Super Luggers to the Rescue!

A Scene from the Mean Streets of Lugger Land

By Adam Weissman

Adam WeissmanWhen clients ask if we can provide same day service, they don’t always expect that our response will be: “how about right now?” But, that’s EXACTLY what happened last Wednesday for our newest fan in Williamsburg! Our luggers were beasting through a massive estate clean out in Bushwick, Brooklyn; three grisly floors of wet junk due to a leaky roof, when we received a frantic call from a woman in Williamsburg looking to close on her apartment that very afternoon.

The caller, Jane, was hoping to sell the apartment without a hitch, but she hit a major snag. She had a preset agreement with the prospective buyer that she would clear out the residence of all items prior to sale — otherwise, NO SALE. With that in mind, she had planned to donate her items, get a sweet tax deduction, close the deal and move out happily ever after. Well, everything was going according to plan, the closing was just around the corner, set for that very afternoon. The charity she had planned to donate the items to was set to come that morning, and they did… only… they didn’t take anything!

The volunteers on the charity truck rejected the items and Jane was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Lug the items herself or possibly lose the sale. Losing the sale wasn’t an option because she had already put money down on her new home. Lugging junk wasn’t an option because she had a bad back. Fortunately, her kids were friends with the Junkluggers on Facebook, so they knew what to do.

First Jane checked out availability online, but all the timeslots were taken. She relayed her story and we knew booking her for “tomorrow” was not an option. The Customer Loyalty Center kept Jane on the line while they reached out to the luggers in the field, who were incidentally at a transfer station only 15 minutes from Jane. They said they could do it – but only if it was right now. In under an sixty minutes, our luggers managed to save Jane’s sale, get her a sweet tax receipt (for all her furniture except the fridge) and were back to lugging junk before the first client knew they were gone.

Our luggers do more than lug junk, they lug their hearts out. Veteran lugger, Ryan, tells us: “Sometimes lugging is tough, but making the clients happy is what really counts. Just when I think I’ve lugged too much, I see a client’s smile and remember why I wanted to lug in the first place.”

It's a dirty world, that's why we need Junkluggers. CASE CLOSED.