Sanity Savers for Moving Day: Tips from the Moving Pros at Luggers Moving

Sanity Savers for Moving Day: Tips from the Moving Pros at Luggers Moving

Close your eyes and think back on your last moving experience. Does the memory elicit feelings of excitement? Or do you shudder in dread? We know moving can be an overwhelmingly stressful event. But we can help! We don’t just haul your junk away; we’ll also move your good stuff to your new home, and we’d love to make your moving day a pleasant, organized, and relaxed experienced. Here are some tips to help keep your sanity come moving day. But the best way to stay cool, calm and collected on moving day? Hire the best movers around: Luggers Moving.

Tip #1: Toss it all out.

As you approach moving day, get rid of as much junk as you can. Start by de-cluttering your home. No one wants to clutter their new home with the twelve-year-old junk from their garage and basement they don’t need or will never use again! Spending time getting rid of the excess also helps prepare your home for sale. You’ll avoid packing, moving, and unpacking items you wish weren’t around anyway. Save yourself the time, money, and stress.

If you need help cleaning out your basement, garage, or just getting rid of extra furniture, clothing, and junk around the house in preparation for your move, The Junkluggers junk hauling service is ready and able to provide strong backs and excellent customer service to help make your moving day faster and easier!

Tip #2: Take it one room at a time.

Avoid long hours of figuring out what goes where in your new home by designating every box to one room only. As you pack, keep each room’s boxes together. Stack them in the room or keep them grouped. This way, all of a room’s boxes are more likely to be packed on the truck together. When unloading, you can move them directly into the right room, making your unpacking experience easier, too! Have lots of sharpies handy on moving day to label boxes, and know you can depend on your Luggers Moving team to help you stay organized; unlike so many other movers, we actually listen and want to help you make your moving day organized.

Tip #3: Label, label, label.

As you move through each room, label your boxes with that Sharpie you’re keeping handy. Other labeling time savers:

  • Write the name of the room on each box so movers know exactly where to place your items.
  • Include a short and sweet description of the box’s contents. Does this kitchen box have all the miscellaneous items you use once or twice a year? Or the coffee mugs you’re desperately going to need in the morning?
  • Place labels on both the top and the side. If things are piled on the top of your box, you’ve got the side. If you can’t get to the side, just take a look at the top.
    You might find it useful to color code each room. This makes your loading and unloading even easier.

Tip #4: Don’t forget to pack a moving essentials bag.

Make the first night and morning in your new abode a little less like roughing it by packing some essentials separately. It’s likely you won’t feel like digging through all of your packed belongings. Make sure everyone has a change of clothes and all the necessary toiletries. Also throw in sheets, medications, toilet paper, and towels. And don’t forget your phone chargers!

You might also consider packing a bag to carry along with you. Any items you may need to keep on you should be kept with you. Shuffling around boxes and unpacking all of your hard work is the last thing you want on moving day.

Tip #5: What you’ll need first, you should pack last.

Make sure you tell the Luggers Moving team which of the boxes you’ll need first in your new home, especially your essentials box. If they’re last, they’ll be the first pulled off the truck at your new place. Then as soon as unloading begins, you can get to work!

Tip #6: Order plenty of boxes. Order plenty of sizes.

Even when you order more boxes than you think you need, you inevitably end up wishing you had just a few more. Order plenty. It’s better to have extra boxes than to run out right as you get in the zone.

Use the full gamut of sizes. Your belongings aren’t one-size-fits-all. Your boxes shouldn’t be either. Order a variety of sizes so you can pack accordingly.

Tip #7: Pack smarter. Use your boxes’ full potential.

  • Heavier items mean smaller boxes.
    Protect your property, and our backs, and avoid over-packing boxes. This compromises the integrity of the box and makes loading and unloading more difficult.
  • Pack your boxes tight.
    You don’t want your belongings jostling around in the moving truck. Fill excess space in your boxes to prevent damage.
  • Say no to messy newspapers.
    Use paper or material (think blankets, clothes, or your stash for sewing projects) instead of inky newspapers. Cleaning stains and smudges only adds to your workload.
  • Stand Grandma’s china up.
    Pack your plates vertically to lessen the chance of breakage. Don’t forget to let the Luggers Moving team know exactly which boxes are fragile. We’ll give these boxes extra care.
  • Keep up with the little things.
    When dismantling pieces of furniture or taking down curtains and art, keep small pieces like screws in sandwich bags. Think ahead to unpacking and label each bag, tape it to its relevant item, or both. You’ll thank yourself later.
  • Check out more helpful packing tips here.

Tip #8: Handle moving day like a pro.

  • Loading, hauling, and unloading are enough work and stress for one day. Don’t let the other stuff take you by surprise.
  • Have everything already packed. Tackle moving day without the stress of hurrying to get that last room or box packed. Have everything ready to go the day before, and you’ll keep your sanity in check. One less thing to add to your list.
  • Consider hiring a sitter for children or pets. Did Bruno just run out the door? Do I hear the baby crying again? Is Little Johnny trying to unpack the toy box again? Keep your loved ones safe and the chaos at a minimum by getting someone to watch the littles.

Tip #9: Let the pros handle moving day.

You’ve already worked hard. Preparing your home, finding a new home, de-cluttering your home, buying things for the new home. Whether you’ve worked for months or you’re down to the wire, it’s time to relax and let us make your day stress-free. We’ll pack, move, and unpack your items with the same respect we give our own.

Our Green Guarantees backup every service we perform.

  • 100% Property Protection
    We guarantee your possessions will arrive safely. How it looks now is how it will look when it arrives in your home.
  • On-Time Arrival
    No need to worry if we’ll be there on time. If we don’t show up when we say we will, you receive a discount for the inconvenience.
  • Cancellation Compensation
    You won’t receive a call from us at the last minute, cancelling your appointment. In the chance we have to cancel and reschedule, we’ll offer a compensation.

Learn more about our Green Guarantees.

Nothing is more important to us at Luggers Mvoing than our customers and our environment. The Junkluggers Moving experience offers the same exceptional customer service you know from The Junkluggers, and we are just as dedicated to making your transition as stress-free as possible. To learn more about our moving and other services, visit today.