Post Holiday Leftover Tips

Post Holiday Leftover Tips

Did you know that frozen, cooked turkey should be used within one month after freezing? Or that unfrozen left over turkey is only good for 3 days? If you did, then you’re ahead of me because until I looked it up, I had no idea. Here are some best practices when handling your Turkey Day leftovers.

Try and remove all the meat from the turkey’s bones in large pieces and store them in their own (separate from other food) air tight containers. Throw some broth over it to keep it moist.

Make sure to remove all the stuffing and you can use the carcass for soup stock.

Stuffing that was cooked in the bird is only good for a day or two at most.

Stuffing not cooked in the bird is good for a week kept refrigerated and a month kept frozen.

Cranberry sauce is also only good for a day or two at most and does not freeze well.

Potatoes and sweet potatoes, taste-wise, are only really good for a day but will keep for up to three days and they do not freeze well either.

This site has great left over recipes to use up the rest of what you didn’t get to or just couldn’t enjoy on Thanksgiving.

Just remember to store your leftovers properly in airtight containers and you’ll be able to enjoy them longer.