Junkluggers Junk Hauling Franchise Featured in 1851 Magazine

Junkluggers Junk Hauling Franchise Featured in 1851 Magazine

The Junkluggers were recently featured in 1851 Magazine in an article titled, “The Young and the Restless: Americans entering the workforce look to franchises“.

The article talks about the unemployment rate and its huge effect on the younger generation of American’s entering the work force. Many young Americans are turning to entrepreneurship and creating their own job opportunities, which has lead many of them into the lower-cost world of franchising. CEO Josh Cohen is featured as one of the younger generation who took an idea he had in college and turned it into a million dollar franchise that continues to expand.

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By: Jordy Potano With an unemployment rate that continues to slowly decline, few sectors of the population are impacted more than others, including America’s youth.

Young Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 have had to overcome increasingly high barriers that keep them either underemployed or out of the workforce altogether. According to Demos, the economy would need to add 4.1 million new jobs for young adults in order to return to the same employment level as before the recession began. Even with the latest jobs numbers, there is no significant change in the economic challenges that young Americans face, with more than 5.6 million young adults looking for work and composing 45 percent of all unemployed Americans.

The result? Many young Americans are turning toward entrepreneurship by either creating their own businesses or finding refuge in areas where they can take control of their own destiny and open their own business. Low-cost franchise opportunities offer a huge advantage to budding entrepreneurs as well as those in the service and food industry.