Josh Cohen Talks Core Values with Huffington Post

Josh Cohen Talks Core Values with Huffington Post

Here at The Junkluggers, we take our core values very seriously. From the team at corporate to the luggers on the trucks, every member of our Junkluggers family lives and breathes our core values day in and day out.

With our core values in mind, we strive to attract like-minded franchise partners who are looking to make an impact on their community and the environment as local business owners. Josh Cohen spoke with the Huffington Post about the recent trend of people valuing company culture, personal fulfillment, and company core values, sometimes even over salary when choosing the next step in their careers.

The race to be energy neutral, recycle everything, donate to those in need, and work for some goal higher than profits has taken the business world by storm.

“As a young CEO, I was motivated to create an eco-friendly, community-oriented business,” says Cohen. “My generation of business professionals is really driven to accomplish something and for our businesses to benefit the world. I think today’s businesses are becoming less transactional and singularly focused on profits – though ironically, cause-driven businesses frequently do make more money.”

These trends are all colliding. People are moving away from corporate culture, searching for their passions in the wake of automation, and businesses are more cause-driven than ever before. It means executives who are looking to attract talent need to focus on their ‘Why’ instead of the ‘What’.

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