How is The Junkluggers of Austin different than City Services?

How is The Junkluggers of Austin different than City Services?

Often, we are asked how our business works and how we are different from city government. There are a couple of important things that you need to think about when you look for a junk removal company in Austin verses the city. The City of Austin is doing a great job of working to reduce waste. We have recycle bin pick up, we have access to Austin Resource Recovery and the City is committed to a landfill free Austin by 2040. It will take a significant effort by all to help our amazing city achieve this goal.

There are several things that set us apart. First, we are there when you need us. Yes, the city picks up garbage for free and every once and a while the City of Austin will offer large item pick up. But this happens on their time, not yours. City trucks come on a specific day and if you forget to put your items out on time, well, you are out of luck! I know that we have chased the garbage truck down the street on more than one occasion.

Second, everything that the city does happens at curbside. If you need a large dresser removed or a treadmill brought downstairs, city workers can’t come into your home to remove it, that makes it tough to get the items outside. Finally, when the city picks up your items, they don’t have the luxury of sorting or donating items on your behalf. The cost to do this would be high and the time and space needed would be significant. So, if it isn’t in the recycle bin, it is headed to the landfill. On bulk pick up days this means that useable items end up in the back of the truck. The City will remind you to try to donate or repurpose items Vs setting them out for bulk pick up.

Contrast that to the Junkluggers of Austin. When you schedule a pick up, it is on your time, not ours. We will give you a two-hour window so you don’t spend your day wondering when we are stopping by. Our team of luggers are background checked and insured so they can enter your home and remove items safely and in a timely manner - all without lifting a finger. Once we pick up your items, the real work begins. We will categorize and sort your items to best dispose of things. The old saying of one man’s junk is another man’s treasure is true. Some items can be recycled, some can be repurposed, while others donated. If we can donate on your behalf, we will provide you with a donation receipt within 14 days.

It is important for us all to take better care of our city. Recycle when you can, donate and repurpose often and remember when in doubt, lug it out!