Get A Recycled Pet This Holiday!!!

Get A Recycled Pet This Holiday!!!

Have you ever been to an animal shelter? It’s a really sad, depressing place until, you get to witness an adoption. It is true, animals do smile. Having been someone to rescue a dog and been around to help others pick out a new pet from a shelter, I have witnessed many animals smiling. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

One of the greatest misconceptions about getting an animal from a shelter is that they are “damaged goods”. Little is said about the great things that come from animals that are adopted from a shelter. These animals are most likely already spayed or neutered, have all of their shots and have been carefully tested to see if they will be safe to place in a new home, saving you tons of money on medical and training bills. The money that you do spend is put back into the shelter to continue their work in saving these animals.

So, let’s talk about the saints that work at these shelters. They are not there for the money and they are certainly not there for the glamour of their job. They are there for their love of animals. They love every single one of the animals they take care of. Although some of these animals may have come from abusive backgrounds or horrific living conditions, they are well taken care of and loved at the shelter. But there’s only so much the staff can do when there are so many animals that need good homes. They need help.

Keep in mind too, not all of these animals have been neglected or abused. A lot are a result of their owners moving somewhere that didn’t allow pets or their owners passing away and there was no one that could give them a home. These animals were loved and nourished. Even the animals that were abused, all they want is to be loved. They most likely still loved their owner no matter how horribly they were treated because animals don’t know any other way. Their love is unconditional for members of their “pack” and they are very loyal.

If you can’t adopt an animal, there are other ways to help. Bring your old blankets and pillows down to your local center. It’s getting cold out and these puppies and kittens need something to snuggle up in until they are rescued. Shelters appreciate any help they can get.

Get a recycled pet this holiday, welcome one into your “pack” and bring joy to your life.

Written By: EJ Flynn, inspired by Otis, Josh Cohen (The Jukluggers CEO)’s 6 year old recycled puppy!