From Trash to Cash, Junkluggers Launches High-Demand Franchise Opportunity in the Junk Business

From Trash to Cash, Junkluggers Launches High-Demand Franchise Opportunity in the Junk Business

Hauling over 4,500 tons of junk in 2012, young entrepreneur seizes day and provides unique opportunity for growth

Junkluggers TrucksWhile sitting around a campfire during a study abroad semester in Australia, Josh Cohen heard his friend say he made $100 hauling an old refrigerator away for a neighbor. When he returned back home a cash-strapped college student, Cohen remembered that discussion and thought it would be a great way to earn some extra money. He started using his mom’s SUV and provided part-time junk removal services for friends and neighbors, and earned only $90 on his first job.

From the very beginning, he knew the idea had legs to grow. As the demand rose, Cohen built a loyal base of customers throughout his home state of Connecticut, where he transitioned from the SUV to a trailer and eventually a full-sized truck. Business became strong enough to allow him to leave his full-time career at the time, as a commercial real estate agent, to focus on expanding his new business, The Junkluggers, a newly launched junk-removal franchise. Over time, Cohen hired his own staff, added his own, branded trucks to his portfolio, and moved the business to Midtown Manhattan. After eight years in business, the company reported sales of $2.3 million in 2012 and hauled more than 4,500 tons of junk.

“Because Americans continue to buy and collect, they will eventually accumulate an overflow of items needed to be removed from their home or business,” said Cohen, CEO of Junkluggers. “The business has grown quickly because we capitalized on providing unmatched, professional services and great value to meet that demand. Seeing a rising demand for our services combined with significant growth opportunities in this industry, we decided to launch the Junkluggers franchise opportunity geared towards entrepreneurs wanting to build their own business with a rapidly growing brand.”

Providing a unique experience to entrepreneurs, the Junkluggers franchise opportunity is focused on expanding its junk-removal services into new markets up and down the eastern seaboard, providing a unique, highly-demanded business opportunity. Franchisees who join our system will be proud to know the brand promise to recycle or donate collected items, making our concept eco-friendly and unique amongst the competition.

“Junk removal is often a very overwhelming and emotional process,” said Cohen. “As we sort everything collected from a person’s home, we give our customers the peace of mind to know removed items, especially emotionally attached items, are donated to local charities or recycled at the appropriate processing centers. In fact, Junkluggers provides each client with the receipt of their donated items for tax purposes, furthering the customer-centric approach. Our team has built a reputation of trust with our customers, and we do everything in our power to make sure we are able to meet expectations.”

With a franchise fee of $25,000, Junkluggers gives franchisees the opportunity to build a home-based business in a highly-lucrative industry, while also making a big difference in their community through regular participation in charitable initiatives. Junkluggers hopes to partner with passionate, community-centric entrepreneurs and encourages future franchisees to share in Cohen’s spirit for improving the people’s lives in the communities they service.

“With the Junkluggers model, we are giving people the opportunity to not only build a business for themselves, but also truly make a difference in their community,” said Cohen. “By taking the next step into franchising to fuel the demand and growth of our business, we are confident the Junkluggers success story will continue to evolve and be made even stronger by our future franchisees.”