February 2019

February 2019

A Different Kind of DRY Spell...

Hello Friend!

February has gone by and spring is right around the corner, how time flies! I recall my new year’s resolutions very clearly—approach each day with gratitude, grounded energy, and order. That was easy to maintain while on vacation…it’s easy to say you’re going to go on a diet when you’ve just eaten right?!

So, now that we’re back in the mess of it all, the beautiful chaos of our day to day lives, I’d like to share a simple concept to help re-instill awareness of our space and time.

I present to you: DRY. Don’t. Repeat. Yourself.

Originally coined as a term for software engineers, the concept behind the acronym speaks to power of organization. At its most basic, implementing the DRY principle in your space can help you assess and rework routines and tasks that are needlessly repetitive, clean up your inbox and calendar, and help ground you in gratitude for what does support you through repetition (paradoxical, I know).

Applying DRY in your life can look like lots of different things:

  • In your work or business: creating templates, automating replies, creating a supportive calendar
  • In your home: streamlining simple processes, assessing habits, identifying tasks to delegate

Organization means allowing systems and habits to serve us and give us more of the precious thing of all: time. With that in mind, it's important to make note of DRY's evil cousin, WET. Waste. Everyone’s. Time. (especially your own). How are you feeling as we step into the spring? Sunny and DRY, or cloudy and WET?

Want to know more about how to apply DRY principles to your space, your calendar (and your life, really)? Reply to this email with your name and phone number to schedule a complimentary consultation call with me.

Keep it, DRY friends!

Karen Vilches

[email protected]