Declutter for the Holidays - A Beginner's Guide

As the holidays approach, one of the biggest things families face is how to start decluttering. With new gifts, toys, electronics, and more on the way, it can be a daunting task. But, by starting small you’ll be able to make a big impact.

How to Start Decluttering Your Home

  1. Go through your home and do a “quick sweep” of any problem areas. Take inventory of the rooms that have more clutter, vs. rooms that have less. Keep these questions in mind, and determine if there are any bulky items to worry about. 
  2. Start in the smaller areas such as hallway closets or the kitchen pantry then work your way up.
  3. Think of things that are no longer used or clothes that will be grown out of by the time summer approaches.
  4. Go room by room, this will not only make it easier for you but gives you a thorough declutter.
  5. Create a decluttering list for your space. By staying organized, you’ll get more done in a short amount of time preparing you for the whirlwind of family dinners and traditions that are coming up quickly.
Disorganized office

It's easiest to declutter when you break down the job step by step. Start with the basics.

10 Fool-Proof Tips To Declutter For The Holidays

Broken ornaments

Carefully remove and recycle broken ornaments. Keep an inventory of what you'd like to replace so you have everything you need for next year.

Broken Ornaments

We all have those ornaments that have seen better days. When prepping for the holidays, sort through your ornaments and toss out the ones that are broken or donate those that you no longer want. Sorting through these items that take up space is a great way to get started.

Clean out mismatched Tupperware

When sending guests home with your delicious leftovers from your holiday meal, nothing is worse than sorting through mountains of Tupperware that don’t match or are missing pieces. Go through your containers and determine which ones can be used and recycle the ones that cannot.

Old toys

Out with the old, in with the new! One of the best ways you can declutter for the holidays is by sorting through any old toys. Donate the ones that are still in good shape, and toss the ones that are broken. This not only declutters your child’s toy box but also keeps it tidy for any new toys that will be gifted.

Pro Tip: The Junkluggers eco-friendly junk removal team will remove your unwanted items and donate anything that can be reused. You’ll receive a receipt for everything that we’re able to donate, and the peace of mind knowing those items won’t end up in a landfill.

Recycle old holiday lights

Broken holiday lights

Recycle your broken or damaged Christmas lights! The Junkluggers can help with easy removal.

Broken Christmas lights always get the best of us. We usually store them in a box and forget about them till next year! Try plugging in all the lights you own for both indoors and outdoors to see what works. If they don’t work, it’s time to get rid of them. Our team of green professionals specialize in proper recycling practices so it’s one less thing for you to worry about it!

Sort through unused decorations

If you notice you only put out specific decorations for the holidays, go through your boxes and donate what you haven’t used in years. When you declutter your holiday decorations, it will help when it comes time to decorate and clear up the space where they were stored.

Clean and organize your fridge and kitchen

Organized kitchen and fridge

Make room for holiday treats and head into the new year with an organized fridge and kitchen.

Holiday time usually means lots of cooking and baking. If this is you, it may be time to clean and organize your fridge and pantry. Dispose of expired food items and donate good ones that you know you will not use. By clearing this up, you now have space for leftovers and seasonal ingredients.

Sort through gift wrapping supplies

If you notice some of your wrapping paper is ripped, warped, or damaged then now is the perfect time to replace it. Getting rid of your old gift wrapping supplies can also help you take inventory of what you may need and prevent you from buying doubles. Check out some eco-friendly wrapping paper alternatives here.

Donate winter clothing

It may seem counterintuitive to donate winter clothing as winter is approaching. Sorting through clothing that no longer fits your child or items you don’t like allows you to make room for any clothing you may be gifted and update your winter closet. The Junkluggers can help you donate any items still in good condition to benefit those in need during the winter season.

Declutter your guest room

The holidays are the time when family and friends come from out of town and could be using your guest space. Be sure to get rid of any “storage” items that have been collecting dust in the guest room. Changing the sheets, organizing any dressers or nightstands, and doing a quick clean-up will make sure it’s ready to be used!

Recycle old electronics

Recycling old electronics is a great way to declutter. Since some gifts are new electronics, getting rid of the laptop you haven’t turned on in years or the phone that stopped working will make room for anything new.

E-waste removal

Pro-Tip: The Junkluggers are e-waste recycling experts. Don’t risk your electronics ending up in landfills and harming the environment - book a free estimate with the experts instead.

As the holidays come closer, give your guests “pumpkin” to talk about! Decluttering holiday decorations, old clothes, and snow on and snow forth is the best way to keep your home tidy and organized. The holidays are the time to enjoy yourself with family and friends, don’t let cluttered things take up your mind, and get ahead of it today! Learn more ways to give back this holiday season here