Big Jewcy: The Junkluggers – Lug Life Ain’t Easy

Big Jewcy: The Junkluggers – Lug Life Ain’t Easy

Josh Cohen, Josh Krisher and Asher Fink are the CEO, CFO and COO of The Junkluggers, LLC. The Junkluggers is a junk-removal company that focuses heavily on donations and recycling to keep as much junk out of the landfills as possible. The business is growing rapidly without compromising its integrity. These mensches make all our mothers proud.

Despite a very-real long-standing Ramah-camps rivalry, these three Ramah Palmer guys sat down with this Ramah Berkshires girl, offering an olive branch and an interview for the sake of common ground: The Big Jewcy.

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You three met at Camp Ramah Palmer (eye-roll). What camp activity do you think best prepared you for junk lugging?

JC: Definitely pre-visiting day nikayon. (Translation: Cleaning time.) Those bunks accumulated an impressive amount of junk over the course of one month. Plus, we had to make room for all the stuff we were preparing to steal from your bunks on our visit to Ramah Berkshires.

Charming. Nice Jewish boys in the junk-lugging industry is kind-of perplexing; how did The Junkluggers get its start?

JC: During college, a family friend needed a couch removed from her house, and enlisting my parents’ pick up, I helped her out. She gave me cash. A light-bulb went off.

The Junkluggers does a lot of mitzvahs – it donates and recycles tons – literally – keeping lots out of the landfills. Would it be fair to call Junklugger trucks “mitzvah-mobiles”? If so, can we graffiti them as such?

JC:We employ really big guys. We’ll come after you.

Josh Krisher -word on the street is that you’re single. What kind of girl would you like to lug?

JK: Someone who appreciates my occasional sexy caveman beard.

Josh Cohen – you’ve recently begun calling yourself “Shuki” – the Israeli nickname for Josh. This reminds me of when our forefather Jacob adopted the alternative name “Israel”. How are the two stories similar?

JC: I’m reconnecting with my Jewish roots. Don’t hate.

Asher, you served in the US military before becoming the COO of The Junkluggers. How do those army skills serve you in this capacity?

AF: I was surprised to find that many of the same skills apply – leadership, small and large scale operations, sometimes dirty jobs, big picture thinking, and team work. I love the challenge of it.

JC: We actually love working with army vets because of those skills, and are always looking for new luggers with military experience. If you know one – send them our way!

Nu? Are the Junkluggers going to take over the world?

One lug at a time.

Thank you,!