A Fresh Start in A New Year

A Fresh Start in A New Year

Whether you’re staying in with loved ones and making a list of resolutions you promise to keep (and definitely won’t break by the end of the week!) or going out to party, you’re celebrating one year successfully completed and another year about to start. We’ve created a list of resolutions that will help you kickstart your year.

Party Smart

Are you hosting the big bash this year? Then plan ahead and make your party an eco-friendly one. Break out the silverware and refrain from going to the dollar store for those throw-away decorations that will just end up the trash the next day. You’ll have more clean up to do but you’ll be contributing a lot less waste in the long run. If you’d still rather use disposable dish ware then opt for up cycled and recycled utensils. Set up designated bins for those empty bottles of champagne and other junk that’ll accumulate over the night (unless you’re planning on repurposing the champagne bottles into DIY candles!)

Eat More Green

Whether you’ve been promising to go on that diet since Thanksgiving or are still holding out for that “a-ha” moment come January 1st, it’s not too late to start thinking green with your meals. Incorporate healthier habits into your life by supporting your local farmer’s market and buying those seasonable vegetables! Be realistic about your intentions and set small goals that you can reach – each goal met will be motivation for your next goal.

Be More Green

You don’t need to go on a mission to save the world but with a little bit of effort and a few small changes a month could really make a big impact in the future. Check in with your electricity provider to see how you can reduce your monthly bill or get your creative juices flowing by starting on those crafts you’ve pinned to your Pinterest board (they’ll make great gifts and will save you money in the long run).

Declutter Your Life (And Your Home!)

New year, new you, right? Why not give your home a new makeover as well? After the holidays are over and the decorations are packed up, it’s time for an early spring cleaning (even if the weather makes it seem otherwise). While it may seem daunting to tackle your home, start by creating a list and going from room to room. You’ll be surprised that you’re ready to part with those old papers and unopened envelopes or that table that’s been with you since college. Once you’ve separated everything and given your home a fresh look, consider donating your gently used furniture and clothing to those in need – individuals, families and shelters are always looking for any extra bit of help they can find!