Cleaning and Organizing your Garage

Organize Your Garage with Junkluggers!

When was the last time your garage was truly clutter-free, if ever? Many garages turn into a storage overflow nightmare full of miscellaneous items and junk. Instead of using it as a functional space, some homeowners avoid it at all costs.

If this sounds like you, take this as your sign to make a change! Think of all the ways you could use your garage once it’s clean; set up a workshop, maximize storage potential, and reclaim your indoor parking spot. Parking in the garage is not only a convenience for you but also a way to protect your investment. Whether your goal is to park in the garage or simply regain control of the space, follow these easy steps to get your garage in working order.

      1. Throw out any trash

        Taking out the trash is a simple way to help you focus on reorganizing what matters most. Collect and discard the obvious litter: empty bottles or boxes, old papers, broken holiday decorations, etc. This includes items that are unsafe or irreparable, such as old helmets that were not properly stored or ripped life jackets.

      2. Clear & designate your space

        Take everything out of the garage, or at least as much as you reasonably can. Having to put everything back again gives you the opportunity to restart and get organized from the ground up. Plus, this will show you how much stuff you’ve truly accumulated and how much space you have to work with.

        Decide where you want to put things before you start moving things around, or else you may move the same cabinet three times. Pick out a space for your workbench, large storage bins, etc. Keep outdoor items like lawn equipment and garbage bins near the door for easy access. Be careful not to block windows or other ventilation that can be useful while working on projects.

      3. Do an initial sweep behind furniture, storage, & other items

        While you have your garage a little emptier than usual, take the opportunity to clean behind objects and hard-to-access floorspace. Concrete floors without coatings can be scrubbed with stiff push brooms and a cleaning solution. Garage floors with coatings such as epoxy require gentler cleaning methods.

        Consider putting garage floor mats underneath your parking spot to prevent future stains and make cleaning a breeze. Existing oil stains can be pre-treated with a degreaser to clean most effectively.

      4. Save some room for growth

        Leave room for new items that you’ll buy in the future. Maybe you’ll upgrade to a wider car at some point or take up bike riding. No matter how your life might change, save room for growth. Plus, you’ll thank yourself when you have extra wiggle room for parking, walking, and other activities. This will curb the need to reorganize in the not-so-distant future.

      5. Use vertical & overhead storage

        If you only store your stuff on the ground or on shelves, then you are missing out on valuable storage space. Utilize overhead storage and wall organizers to save floor space and try more customized organization solutions. Keeping bulky, fragile, or valuable items out of your way will also help prevent damage and misuse. Take kayaks as an example– they occupy a ton of floor space but need to be stored safely indoors and off the floor. As a bonus, storing tools, lawn equipment, or even sports gear on wall organizers will keep your items on display for easy access and location.

      6. Reuse what you have

        Adding some sturdy cabinets or shelving can certainly help organize your garage. But if you can, try to repurpose things you have lying around the house to enhance your garage organization on a budget. Wooden pallets on the wall are great for hanging lightweight lawn equipment and old bathroom towel racks are perfect to organize power cords on.

      7. Put everything back & organize

        When you take everything out and put it back, you have the opportunity to start new and place things with a purpose. Whether you have new intentions for your garage space or you just want to get organized, starting from scratch like this will force you to choose the absolute best spot for everything.

      8. Add finishing touches

        If you’re using the garage as a workshop, don’t forget to add appropriate lighting. Place garbage cans in convenient places, such as where you’ll be discarding used supplies or throwing away yard clippings. If parking is your goal, don’t forget to add personal touches like parking guides and maybe even a car cleaning kit. You could also store travel supplies you might often need like pet carriers, bike racks you might attach and detach as needed, jumper cables, portable bike pump, first aid kit, umbrellas, and coolers.

        Don’t be afraid to get creative and decorate how you see fit! Whether your decor is more functional or purely for aesthetics, take this opportunity to tailor your garage to your personal tastes. Display relevant visual guides for your hobby activities or incorporate your favorite color.

      9. Sweep up

        Save the final cleanup for last so you don’t undo your hard work. Consider keeping a small hand broom underneath your workbench or even a large push broom on the wall for quick cleanups. If you stay on top of small spills and messes, they won’t accumulate over time.

      10. Donate & recycle whatever you can

        Don’t forget to donate anything usable so nothing goes to waste. Debulking your clutter and only keeping what you need is a great way to start fresh and cement new, better habits for the future. Any items that are not suitable for donation should be recycled.

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