10 Items You Probably Forgot to Spring Clean

Cleaning supplies

Don't forget about your spring cleaning when it comes to these ten spaces!

Spring cleaning is all about the deep cleaning of those spots you might not hit in your everyday cleaning routine, but how many of us really get to those forgotten about areas? In order for you to have long-lasting satisfaction with your fresh space, The Junkluggers have created a list of those items you may have missed during spring cleaning!

    1. Showerhead and shower caddies

      Your showerhead and caddies can accumulate mold and rust.

    2. Chandelier, light fixtures, and fans

      We may not always see the dust and grime above us, so get a ladder and take a peek! You may be surprised at just how much dust has settled over the winter.

    3. Patio Furniture

      Deep clean your patio furniture and outdoor items to reclaim your outdoor space to enjoy the long summer nights!

    4. Garbage disposal

      If your garbage disposal is starting to stink, it’s definitely time for a deep clean. We love using baking soda and vinegar to clean the disposal since it is a great natural alternative to toxic cleaning products. Once you are done, add some citrus peels to the cool water for a nice smell.

    5. Utensil holders

      Since we are constantly using and washing out utensils, we often end up forgetting to clean our utensil holders. Next time your silverware is looking a little low, use this as an opportunity to take it all out and deep clean the holder.

    6. Sanitize TV remotes, light switch plates, and knobs

      Since these are high touchpoints, do not neglect them. When you're doing your deep spring clean, be sure to use a sanitizing wipe to kill any bacteria left on these surfaces.

    7. Washer and dryer

      Cleaning your washer and dryer will make those appliances last longer and work better! Every machine is a little different, so refer to the instruction manual for the best care.

    8. Toothbrush holder

      Toothbrush holders can be one of the grimiest spots in your house, and we should all be cleaning them more frequently. Soak your toothbrush holder in hot soapy water to loosen any grime, then put it through the dishwasher if it is dishwasher safe. You can also leave it submerged in vinegar for 30 minutes and then give it a good scrub after.

    9. Small appliances

      Most of us will periodically clean our microwave and stove but how about your toaster, coffee machine, tea kettle, or even knife block? Although you may not see the build-up in your coffee maker or tea kettle, it’s there -- run a vinegar cycle through it. If you have any appliances you no longer use, call The Junkluggers to make some free space in your kitchen. We will try to donate or recycle any of your appliances.

    10. Kids Toys

      Bacteria and dust may even love these toys as much as your children do. Check the instructions on your toys to see the best way to care for them whether it be through the dishwasher, washing machine, or using vinegar to clean outdoor items.

Junkluggers working

Whether you just have a few extra items to get rid of after spring cleaning, or need a full cleanout, we can do the heavy lifting for you. We believe in cleaning the green way, and will always sort through to donate or recycle anything we can.

The Junkluggers can help you with your spring cleaning project so that you can start summer on a fresh note! Call today for your free, no-obligation, eco-friendly junk removal estimate.