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Hoarding cleanup is overwhelming and can be traumatic for everyone involved. We offer respectful, compassionate, and discreet hoarding clean-up services. Get the support you need to create a safe, healthy space for years to come.

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Our Hoarding Cleanup Process

We help remove trash, old appliances, electronics, mattresses, and more. We also know that hoarding often includes books and clothes, mail and household suppliers. No matter what is involved, we can help. The Junkluggers have the equipment and skill to safely clean out hoarded items, objects, and debris from homes, apartments, condos, and storage units; restore your space to a healthier, happier home in no time. Hoarding situations are never easy, but our experienced team can make the initial cleanout process a little easier.  

How Hoarding Cleaning Services Can Help

In hoarding situations, the sheer number of items can be overwhelming. Hoarders often are unable to differentiate between essential and non-essential items, which results in clutter, stress, and isolation. People who hoard usually hang on to items for the same reasons everyone else does:

  • For sentimental value
  • For efficiency value
  • For aesthetic value

No matter the reason for hoarding, The Junkluggers nearest you is ready to help you move forward. Our experienced local junk haulers will handle your unique situation with the delicacy and respect it deserves.

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Hoarding can cause health and safety issues.

The Hoarder Junk Removal Experts

The Junkluggers have simplified junk removal since 2004. Our junk haulers are ready for any eventuality, no matter how unpleasant. Hoarder cleaning often requires specialty equipment to safely handle potentially hazardous materials, including:

  • Mold and mildew
  • Chemicals
  • Sharp, broken objects

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No matter the scale or scope of the project, we’re ready to help with kind and considerate hoarding cleanup services to make the transition easier. Let us get you or your loved one closer to their goal of clutter-free, one truckload at a time. Call 1-844-338-5511 or book an estimate online today!

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Hoarding Cleanout FAQs

The Junkluggers near you offers hoarding cleanouts, helping homeowners navigate the disposal process. Our professional, compassionate team will haul out items and dispose of them for you, ensuring the situation is handled with care and compassion.

Yes. Professional hoarder cleanout services help remove junk and debris, but many properties require additional remediation services to eliminate mold, mildew, and other hazardous materials.

The cost to clean out a hoarding property will depend on several factors, including the size of the home. The Junkluggers offers on-site estimates to give our clients the best possible quote. This no-obligation estimate ensures the most competitive price possible and helps us to mobilize adequate resources to get the job done right!

The fastest way to clean out a hoarding house is to contract with a trained professional. The Junkluggers near you is trained for potentially sensitive situations like a hoarding cleanout. With two decades of experience, we know how to help with hoarding situations. We get the job done as quickly and effectively while being respectful of the occupant or family members.

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