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Professional Estate Cleanouts

Reliable estate cleanouts, unwanted item removal and donation by The Junkluggers

Professional Estate Cleanout Services

Does estate planning have you stressed out? Allow our full-service cleanout team to alleviate some of your stress.

The Junkluggers offers reliable estate cleanout services that create a supportive and productive environment when you need it most. We sort your unwanted items to donate and recycle while taking great care of the things you've chosen to keep. Our teams provide thorough, full property cleanouts no matter how large your property is or how cluttered it may be.

We work with the National Association of Professional Organizers, who specialize in organizing estates collaboratively and offering moral support when needed. This is especially helpful during overwhelming, emotional estate cleanouts or in the case of hoarding cleanouts.

Estate planning can be overwhelming, especially if you're alone in handling the property left behind. Let The Junkluggers help with our trusted estate cleanout services, where we treat every item with dignity. Contact The Junkluggers to schedule a free, on-site estate cleanout estimate today!

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Estate Cleanout FAQs

What happens to items from an estate cleanout?

Estates often contain items with sentimental and financial value. Other items - such as unwanted furniture and clothing that are no longer needed by the owner or their family - can serve a real purpose for those in need. That's why we try to donate as much as we can from estate cleanouts. Anything that can't be donated will be recycled or, as a last resort, ethically discarded. You will receive a donation receipt within 14 days for any items we donate on your behalf.

How do you determine a price for estate cleanouts?

Due to the unique features of each estate, The Junkluggers provides cleanout pricing upon arrival. The volume and types of items you want removed will determine the cost of your specific project. If your items fill up less space in our trucks than originally estimated, you'll pay less than the quoted price!

Do you only clean out the house, or do you also clean out other outdoor structures?

Many estates have additional structures outside of the main house, such as detached garages, barns, greenhouses, and sheds. Those structures often contain piles of forgotten items that may or may not be valuable to the owner or loved ones. At your request, The Junkluggers will efficiently empty and sort items from any building on the property as part of our full-service estate cleanout.

Our eco-friendly approach to estate cleanouts

The Junkluggers is committed to reducing our impact on the environment by decreasing our contributions to landfills.

While some junk removal companies may head straight to the dump after an estate cleanout, we are focused on donating and recycling everything we can. Anything that can't be donated or recycled will be responsibly disposed of. Rest assured we will handle your unwanted estate items with care and do our best to give them a new life.

Learn more about our Green Guarantees.

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Reach out to The Junkluggers for professional estate cleanout services and thoughtful item donation, recycling, and responsible disposal. We offer free on-site estimates for estate cleanouts of all sizes and will haul away any unwanted items. Call 1-844-338-5511 or click below to get started.

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