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Washer & Dryer Removal

Environmentally friendly appliance removal

Washer and dryer removal company

Save energy, stress, and the environment with appliance removal from The Junkluggers.

Old washer machines and driers are inefficient, energy wasters that are often costly to run and repair. But, since washers and dryers are large and hard to move, disposing of them can be frustrating. Luckily, The Junkluggers offers reliable and stress-free appliance removal services!

Schedule a free washer and dryer removal estimate with your local junk hauler to learn more.

Removing your old washer & dryer

With your old washer and dryer wasting so much water and electricity, there has never been a more perfect time for an upgrade. But old washers and dryers are hard to move, which can make disposing of them hard.

Luckily, The Junkluggers does more than other appliance removal companies. We believe in donation first and recycling second, giving your appliances a second chance at life and keeping them out of landfills!

Junkluggers Mission and Values

Our mission & values

Our mission is to enhance lives, our communities,
and the environment by donating, recycling,
upcycling, and supporting local charities.

Schedule an appliance removal estimate

Whether your washer or dryer can be donated to someone in need or broken down and recycled, The Junkluggers wants to give your appliances a new life. Plus, we can remove other unwanted possessions while we're there.

Contact The Junkluggers to learn more. We offer free washer and dryer removal estimates!

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