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Get rid of junk and save the environment without lifting a finger – contact The Junkluggers!

Ever heard the saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure" – The Junkluggers takes that to heart. With eco-friendly garbage removal services, we remove unwanted items from your property, decluttering your home and giving your junk new life.

To learn more, contact The Junkluggers and schedule a free trash removal service estimate today!

The Junkluggers difference

While most trash haulers will take your once-prized possessions to the dump without a second thought, The Junkluggers does more. Not only do we declutter your home, but we also help the environment by donating first and recycling second.

With our garbage removal services, you get can rid of junk and give your unwanted items a second chance.

What happens to your garbage

With ever-growing landfills contributing to an overwhelming environmental crisis, The Junkluggers gives your trash new life. We start by separating your unwanted items into what could be donated or recycled.

Anything that cannot be repurposed will be taken to a special transfer station where the items will be burned and turned into an alternative fuel source.

Eco-friendly junk removal

Donate First, Recycle Second

Schedule a free trash removal service estimate

Are you looking for reliable trash removal services? Not only will The Junkluggers clear your home of clutter, but they will also give your unwanted items new life.

Whether you're downsizing or spring cleaning, your local junk hauler can help. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation estimate!

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Zip code: 20149

Your Local Junkluggers is

The Junkluggers of Northwest DC

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