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E-Waste Recycling & Removal

Computer recycling, cell phone removal, & more

E-Waste Removal Company

We recycle and donate old cell phones, game consoles, and more!

Did you know that your old cell phone, computer, and television are made from scarce resources? Carelessly disposing of these rare plastics and metals are extremely toxic for the environment. Plus, the effort it takes to replenish them can also increase greenhouse gasses.

That is why The Junkluggers takes care of recycling and disposing of e-waste properly – decluttering your property and helping the environment at the same time. Schedule a free e-waste recycling estimate with The Junkluggers to learn more!

What is considered e-waste?

When your e-waste cannot be donated, The Junkluggers brings your unwanted electronics to facilities who recycle and dispose of components according to strict EPA regulations, including:

  • Discarded computers
  • Old printers (laser & inkjet)
  • Video game systems
  • DVD players, VCRs, & DVRs
  • Cell phones
  • Televisions & computer monitors

Why e-waste recycling matters

While it may be tempting to throw your old laptops, cell phones, and computers in the trash, it is important to treat these unwanted items differently. Throwing e-waste away means it will get crushed, burned, and discarded with the other trash. Since electronics are often composed of hazardous and limited resources like lead, arsenic, and mercury, this can be extremely toxic for the environment and to your own health.

That is why The Junkluggers brings your e-waste to facilities where it is properly disposed of and recycled according to strict EPA regulations. Once your electronics arrive at the e-recycling facility, they are sorted by type and then stripped of any rare metals, glass, and plastics. These components are then safely collected and formed into new parts.

For security purposes, we recommend erasing personal information from any electronics that will be removed from your home or office.

Junk removal with Green Guarantees

We stand by The Junkluggers' Green Guarantees

Schedule a free e-waste recycling estimate

Tired of old cell phones, computers, televisions, or other unwanted electronics cluttering your home or business? The Junkluggers can help. We know how to dispose of your e-waste properly, so you can have a cleaner property and a better environment without having to do any of the work.

Contact The Junkluggers to schedule a free e-waste removal estimate today!

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