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The Junkluggers of Northwest DC

Sustainable Light Industrial & Manufacturing Materials Removal

Responsibly dispose of obsolete equipment & used materials

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We remove business waste so you can focus on growth!

If your company is in the business of making things, there's a good chance that it makes waste as well - above and beyond normal business trash.

Whether it's manufacturing by-products, used shipping supplies, or even obsolete equipment and materials, this stuff can quickly accumulate and become a liability. When you're ready to deal with it, your first call should be to The Junkluggers!

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The Junkluggers values our eco-friendly partnerships

We're proud to work alongside local businesses. The Junkluggers approach to junk removal can integrate with any existing sustainability initiatives you might have. We first try to donate as much as possible, then recycle and repurpose what's left to minimize what gets put into a landfill.

Touch base today to book a free, no-obligation junk removal estimate for your packing materials, manufacturing by-products, obsolete equipment, old office furniture, and plenty of other items we can haul away quickly and efficiently. We're excited to join forces to keep your business clutter-free and running smoothly.

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Zip code: 20149

Your Local Junkluggers is

The Junkluggers of Northwest DC

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