• Josh Cohen

    Founder & CEO

    As our company founder and CEO, Josh is the heart and soul of The Junkluggers. He started The Junkluggers out of his mother’s Dodge Durango in Trumbull, CT when he was 21, and has since grown the company into a multi-state franchised operation. He utilized his degree from the University of Connecticut in Business Administration and his ambition, passion for the environment, marketing savvy, and interest in building a strong company culture to help elevate the company to the level it is at today. Josh began with a firm vision of what he wanted The Junkluggers to become and continues to see it through every step of the way, never looking back.

    In his personal life, Josh enjoys spending time with his family and friends, including his wife, Peggy, their twins Jackson and Fiona, and our very own chief canine officer, Otis. He also loves outdoor sports and adventure, traveling, playing basketball, and office parties.

  • David Gullotti

    Chief Operating Officer

    David comes to The Junkluggers with more than 20 years of executive level experience in marketing, sales, franchise, and entrepreneurial startups. In addition to serving as Marketing Director for a multi-billion dollar firm, he has served as CEO and President for several entrepreneurial organizations. In prior roles he was instrumental in transforming an unprofitable $8 million company into a solidly profitable $25 million business in just 4 years. In addition to his leadership prowess, David is a seasoned life and business coach with a BA from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and an MS in Counseling from Cairn University. ᐧ

  • Josh Krisher

    Chief Financial Officer

    Josh is CFO of The Junkluggers. His responsibilities include financial and cash management, budgetary planning, and accounting services. In addition, Josh is responsible for financial reporting and compliance. Josh joined The Junkluggers in December 2010. Prior to The Junkluggers, Josh was a senior associate with Ernst & Young. A Certified Public Accountant, Josh earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Washington.

    Josh hails from Seattle, Washington, but has lived in New York City since 2006. Despite his relocation, he is still a Pacific Northwester at heart, with a true love for hiking and the great outdoors. Josh is a regular jet-setter—flying around the country (and the world), often to see his favorite bands in concert or just to scope out a new adventure.

  • Ronnie Esquivel

    Director of Franchise Training & Support

    Ronnie provides training and operational support to our franchisees. Ronnie joined the Junkluggers Family in 2011. Prior to that he was in the US Army before moving onto Deere-Hitachi in North Carolina for the next five years.

    Ronnie was born in Virginia but grew up in the Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina. He is a real outdoorsman, and enjoys hunting, hiking, camping, kayaking, and mountain biking. Ronnie also spends much of his free time working with his hands. He enjoys woodworking and restoration projects when he isn't spending time with his two boys Andrew and Aiden.

  • Catherine Wernquest

    Marketing Manager

    Another Connecticut native, Catherine handles all aspects of marketing from digital to print to everything in between for our corporate territories and assists our franchisees in planning and executing on their marketing plans. She is an expert in SEO and internet marketing and with her degree in Graphic Design from Fordham University, she also acts as our in-house designer. Prior to joining The Junkluggers in 2013, she handled marketing for a beer startup based in Brooklyn and before that she was a designer and production / marketing coordinator for a building conservation company based in NYC.

    When Catherine isn't reading about the latest trends in digital marketing and changes to Google's algorithms, she loves to travel (especially through the desert in a big blue bus), enjoys brewing (and drinking) beer, hiking, reading, and basking in the splendor of her sneaker collection.

  • Rachael Congdon

    Director of People

    As Director of People at The Junkluggers, Rachael ensures that only the best and and brightest are recruited into The Junkluggers Family for our corporate territories and our franchisees. Rachael has a talent for thinking up new and exciting employee engagement strategies and ways to make working at The Junkluggers even more awesome. A Connecticut transplant from Ft. Lauderdale, Rachael came on board with Junkluggers in 2014 as a recent grad from Florida International University with a degree in Environmental Studies. She is able to combine her passion for the environment and enthusiasm for helping employees succeed with her work at The Junkluggers.

    When Rachael isn’t thinking up surprising ways to entice the newest talent into the Junkluggers, she enjoys lots of hiking, listening to old records, reading mysteries and hanging out at the beach in a big sun hat.

  • Alex Manzuarte

    Sales Center Manager

    As the Sales Center Manager, Alex is responsible for the managing a team of dedicated and ambitious sales agents who strive to consistently bring in revenue for each franchisee. He is in charge of overseeing the Sales Center, working with Senior Management on sales training, initiatives, improvements and last but not least, providing sales support for our growing family of franchisees. A born-and-raised Brooklynite, Alex joined The Junkluggers family as a recent college grad from NYU with a degree in Communications in 2012.

    When Alex isn’t pushing his Sales Team to strive for more, he spends his time camping, visiting local breweries, taking in live music, and keeping tabs on his favorite sports teams.

  • Stephen Cavallo

    Franchise Support and Software Specialist

    Steve joined The Junkluggers team in the summer of 2016, fresh out of college. He is also a Connecticut native, born and raised in Bridgeport. Steve provides software training and support to our franchises and home office. Steve also handles the technology and computer maintenance for the home office, and finding digital solutions for The Junkluggers. Prior to working at The Junkluggers, Steve’s experience with computers and technology came from working as a phone support supervisor for Huskytech, UCONN’s IT support center, and studying for a computer science major.

    When Steve isn’t fixing the wifi or working on royalties, he spends his time trying new beers with friends, playing pool and playstation with his friend Derrick, binging a good Netflix show, and spending time with his many relatives.

  • Otis

    Canine in Chief

    A sweet 16-year old, Otis hails from Atlanta. Though he has a commanding presence and photographs like a full-sized labrador, he actually tips the scale at just thirty pounds. In case you were wondering, he is, in fact, half lab and half beagle. Eight years ago, he was adopted into The Junkluggers family, and it was love at first sight. His other loves include milk bones and hiking, but strangely he dislikes puppies. He is an invaluable member of our team and brings extra happiness, hair, and his fabulous mellow personality to our Junkluggers headquarters.